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Care Calls

Live-person, daily reassurance calls. Created with seniors in mind.


Medications, appointments, activity reminders and more.


Friendly conversation.





A daily reassurance call for seniors and people of all ages.


Care Calls can be used for medication, meal and activity reminders or just to check-in and provide

some friendly conversation.

For seniors living on their own, without regular interaction from family members,

they are often left feeling alone and neglected.


Our service is designed to make them feel secure in knowing that they will always have a caring

friend they can talk to - and someone who will check on them regularly to ensure their well-being.

For family living out of town, or busy trying to keep up with demanding schedules,

it’s not always possible to check on their loved ones daily.


Our service is designed to provide the family with peace of mind in knowing that their loved ones will be

checked on every day, or as often as desired.

Care Calls are made by live representatives, located in the United States.

Plans can be customized to suit just about any need - and budget.


There are no contracts or commitments, you may cancel at any time.










Care Calls FAQ:


Who can benefit from Care Calls?
Care Calls was initially designed with seniors in mind, but we quickly discovered that people of all ages have a need for our service. Among those who find our service useful are: seniors, disabled individuals, people with chronic health issues, older adults living alone with pets, people grieving the recent loss of a partner or companion.

How is a live-person calling service better than an automated system?
While automated systems can be useful in certain situations, we believe a machine cannot substitute for a caring and friendly voice on the other end of the phone. An automated service cannot provide valuable social interaction and get a sense for when something doesn't seem right.

Does the same person call every day?
If possible, we try have the same person call every day. Each client is assigned to a caller and they will be called by that same person most of the time. This allows us to develop a better relationship with our clients.

How long does a typical call last?
A Care Call usually lasts anywhere from 1-5 minutes, and in some cases a little longer. It all depends on the client. Some clients like to talk while others just want a quick check-in and/or be reminded to take their meds. We give every client the opportunity to engage in friendly conversation. And we make every effort to ensure the calls never feel rushed.

What do we talk about?
Anything and everything. News, current events, weather, sports, food, entertainment. Our older clients like to reminisce about “the good old days.” We are happy converse on any topic of interest to the client. As we get to know our clients, conversation almost always evolves into the kind of natural conversation one would have with a friend or relative.

What happens if a client doesn’t answer the phone?
If a client doesn’t answer the phone, we will attempt to call them back three times within the hour. If there is no response on the third attempt, we will leave a message containing any necessary reminders and call or email the designated contact informing them that we were unable to reach the client.

What if you detect a problem during a call?
If the client complains that they not feeling well, we will advise they seek proper medical attention. We will also inform the designated contact. For example: “Mom is complaining of a minor stomach ache today.” In the event of an emergency while we are on a call, we will instruct the client to hang up and immediately dial 911.

Can you email a family member with regular updates?
Sure. Upon request, we can provide daily or weekly status email status updates to a family member or designated contact after calling the client. Otherwise, we will only email/call if there is a problem or concern.

Can I have multiple contacts on file?
Absolutely! We actually recommend having at least two contacts on file. A contact can be a family member, friend, neighbor or care manager. If a client doesn’t have any of those, we recommend leaving the number to your building manager and/or local police department. We do recommend that one of the contacts be local, if possible.

Where are you located & can you call anywhere?
CareCheckers is located in Pennsylvania. All of our representatives are located in the US. Our service is available nationwide and we can call Canada.




Customer Comments:


Janet - Valencia, CA

I live alone and enjoy the security of someone calling every morning to see if I'm alright.



Locke - Evanston, IL

Living alone in a high-rise apartment at age 83 has obvious risks. My busy family do not have time to check on my welfare, nor do I want them to be constantly concerned about me. So it is a real help and comfort to have CareCheckers phoning each morning just to see how I am. So far I've remained strong and healthy, with no emergencies -- but the service is nonetheless appreciated.




Rebecca - Fairfax, VA

CareCheckers is a blessing in our lives! My mom has to take pills twice a day and is forgetful about taking them. Because CareCheckers telephones my mom for the am pill, I only have to phone my mom once a day in the evening.

CareCheckers discovered that my mom wasn't always taking her eyedrops; so, they added eyedrops to the call. Without CareCheckers careful attention to my mother's needs, I never would have known that my mom was forgetting her eyedrops some days!


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