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   What Customers Are Saying


HI;  I wanted to let you know that I have used your SKYANGEL911,, The white one, and I am extremely happy with it.  I have used it to report road hazards, and I have actually fallen and called the paramedics to help me up.  God has blessed us with your services and the equipment you have.  Thank you.  Your company has blessed this family and made our life safer.
David, from central Florida.




Touch N' Talk II Pro Purchase - Verified Customer (J Lagomarsino)

My mother in law is on a fixed budget and didn't want to have another monthly bill coming in. This works perfect, and the pendant has a built in microphone not like the national carrier whose microphone is in the base unit. She can set it at just call her 4 nbrs. or call the 4 nbrs. and then 911 or just call 911. Really a great product.




SteadyCane Purchase - Verified Customer (G McGinnis)

'The cane it's self is awesome, with the wide feet it has it make me stable when walking. I truly enjoy it because it easy to fold up and put on my wheel chair, and when I need to move around it is very nice cane to lean on and the feet don't slip. I want to thank you for providing an excellent and affordable product.'




My 96 year old mother has been wearing the Touch N' Talk Emergency Alert button for several years.  I live a few doors down from her and it allows both of us a bit of independence.  She has used it for several falls and at night when she was confused and frightened.  It has given both of us a great deal of comfort.  In addition to a wonderful product, the customer service is fabulous.  I've called them to ask a question about the set up, and most recently about purchasing a new wrist band.  In both instances they were more than helpful.  In fact the wrist band was sent free of charge.  What a great company!!! -S. Kinde




Your help alarm was invaluable this past summer. My dad came to visit from the Uk he is 84. We have a huge home and the previous year we had placed him in our master bedroom on the ground floor and moved up to a guest room upstairs.  Fleetingly he had asked me - what do I do if I need you? and so I began researching we found your system the help alarm that calls our chosen phone #'s and ordered it. dad returned to the UK that summer (2013) before it arrived. But this year 2014 , he came for 6 weeks and we put the alarm into use.

on Day 6 at 3am dad fell and hit his head on the dresser he was alone and confused for about 30 minutes, bleeding and crumpled on the floor. The he gained his senses and pushed the alarm button we were there in 2 mins, the ambulance in 20 and after 12 stitches in his head he recovered well. Thank you so much for the peace of mind. - L. Woodman, Langley BC Canada




In looking for an alert system for my 90 year old dad, we had one primary thought. That if he fell or needed help, he would need to hear a familiar voice. Not someone he's never heard, that he probably would not be able to understand. I receive the first call, then my sister, then a cousin in town, then finally 911 if none of us respond.  Daddy had to use it 3 weeks ago about 2:30 in the morning. I truly believe he is still with us today because he was able to reach us thru the ALERT that night. He was able to tell us what happened, and he understood what I told him to do. It simply saved his life. You cannot put a price on that kind of assurance. And the fact that the ALERT is inexpensive and with no monthly fee makes it a no-brainer. You can trust these people and their products for the peace of mind you are looking for. Sincerely,Charlie Miller

My mother started using your monitor several months ago. It was easy to set up and gives me great comfort to know that she is able to get help anytime with just the push of a button. The monitor is lightweight and she doesn't mind wearing it. Thankfully she has not had an emergency but I am confident that she would be able to get the help she needed. The system was very affordable and much less hassle than the alert systems that are monitored by a call center. Thank you for your product. I highly recommend it. J. Hill
- - -
Just wanted to send a note to you to say how happy we were that we had bought a Medical Alert Alarm from you for my 91 yr . old Mother in law .She had a fall at 11.30 pm. and tried for a while to get up and then decided to press the button. Her friends arrived quickly to help her.She would have spent the night on the floor if she had not used the alarm.She lived alone at that time and we were worried about her so it was peace of mind you provided. Thanks so much.
Sincerely,Joan Casey
My aunt in Illinois likes your product because she doe not have to call a monitoring center - just to get help from several
nearby relatives - AND - it is very affordable for her. Thank You ! Steve
Dear Sirs; I am pleased to tell you that the Personal Assistance Voice Dialer we ordered is working perfectly. One of our church members, 95 years old, expressed her need to be able to contact some of us in case of an emergency. Our men's Sunday School class took this need as a project for her out of our love and concern for her safety. We saw your ad on the internet and ordered your Personal Assistance Voice Dialer for her. Two weeks later she fell, and was able to make contact with our pastor who helped get her an ambulance. Thankfully she had minor injuries and was back home soon. This simple device has more than paid for itself by giving our friend peace of mind, let alone being there for her during this emergency. Thanks again and may God bless you and yours. Yours in Christ, L. Bruce Newman
I have had the Alert for a couple of months now.  Fortunately I have had no use for it but certainly am glad to have it - just in case. There are many positives.  It is easy to set up,  It is easy to wear - I prefer the clip attachment rather than wearing the cord around my neck. The price is a far cry from the cost of 'pay per month' systems.  Also, it is cheaper than other similar systems on the market. The 'speaker' feature is a plus that some systems do not yet offer. The one time fee makes it possible for less than 'flush' seniors to have this safety feature in the home. Certainly having one of these Alert systems provides a sense of security to me and to family members. Regards, Claire Mason
We appreciated the security that the Alert provided my mother-in-law in the last few weeks of her life (she passed away 2 1/2 weeks ago).  After I set the system up with phone numbers of her loved ones programmed in we tested it together by pressing the panic button and letting it call each person on the list.  She talked to them briefly and then let the system roll to the next person until we got through them all.  She liked that she could talk to people right from the pendant.When we put the base unit where her phone jack is in the kitchen ........ the concept is fantastic and unique in the marketplace.Thanks, Joe Haynie, Account Executive/Consumer Industry & Retail, EDS, an HP company, FranklinCovey and FranklinCovey Products Accounts.




I just wanted to send you a note of thanks. I recently purchased the EMERGENCY MEDICAL ALERT SYSTEM from you and I'm so happy I did. I bought it for my elderly parents who are both quite ill. The system has literally been a life saver on numerous occasions including these two very recent incidents. My mother used it about a month ago to contact me when her blood sugar had dropped to the point that she was almost unconscious. And only two days ago, my father used it when he had fallen out of his wheelchair outdoors and was nowhere near a phone. Fortunately, I live next door to them and both cases had quick resolution and positive outcomes. Had it not been for the system, things may have been drastically different. I just wanted to say "THANK YOU, AND MAY GOD BLESS YOU"! - M. Harris, Pikeville, KY



I am now the primary care giver for my 80 year old mother.  She is a fragile diabetic and has bad knees and has fallen several times i n the past.  I recently acquired a panic button system from you and programmed it to call my cell phone which I keep on 24/7.  She lives in my home but my bedroom is upstairs and I frequently work in the yard or my workshop during the day.  Also, I occasionally run errands to the lumber yard etc. and it is a tremendous relief that she can reach me no matter where I am.  She has triggered the alarm twice accidentally and I am so thrilled that it works so well!  She and I have a higher level of comfort and freedom because I can come to her assistance at any time should the need arise.  Thank you for the peace of mind!!!. Arturo Ochoa




"Thank you - yes, we love the new system.  Now we don't have to worry about our Father!! 
I just ordered one for my Mother in law.  Thanks for the great price - other systems are so much more!!
Thanks again!" Kerry LeCureux
"We purchased this for our Mother and also ordered the Panic Button Wrist Watch as well.  The shipping was very fast, and very safe.  The system works extremely well; was easy to set up; and is very affordable.  It will certainly assist Mom with her independance and it gives us all extra security.  Thank you for a great product!    Peggy, S., TX. "


I was looking for the first personal home medical alert system for my aging Mother as a gift.  Today, Mom is fully functioning, and probably has not convinced herself that she actually needs this.  We knew she would be reluctant to buy, much less use one.  We looked at the monitored options….and they were way to expensive…and truthfully did not think now was the time for one of these but we wanted something for out piece of mind, and something to start with at least.  I researched many options on the Internet, and happened to find the ats436 series of products from ATS.  I e-mailed some questions, got a quick response…ordered it immediately and received it immediately in great condition.  I experienced excellent follow through, and follow up.  We have not used this system yet, as it is a present for Mother’s Day.  From reading all the literature and understanding fully how this works…I can’t wait to get it installed this Sunday.


The people at ATS have been nothing but helpful, considerate, and very responsive.  I would highly recommend them, and would definitely buy from them again! A Hawkins, Raleigh, NC



"We have found the medic alert systems to be helpful as a general purpose alarm.  The buttons can be placed under desks and in other handy places without any need for wiring.   If activated, the system has been programmed to call the public safety dispatcher and opens up a communication line so that the dispatcher can hear what is going on.  We installed a switch so as to provide a silent alarm option in a similar manner as would be used in a bank.  This modification would prevent causing a disturbance or alerting perpetrators prior to the arrival of law enforcement offices." P.H. (Personal information withheld for security reasons)




I was interested in a home medical alert system, I will feel more secure if someone is aware should I get hurt in my home.  At "70" things can happen.   My daughter and I selected this one because it seems to meet all of my needs.  D. Enz. IL.
Dear Wonderful People, Thank you so much for providing this wonderful talking scale.  I received it very fast and my blind Mother loves it.  It was funny because she did not even know that anyone made scales that could talk.  She is 84 and almost totally blind.  She and I are so happy that she has this to help her.  Thank you so much.  J. Monahan
"We are pleased with the Automatic Jar Opener (ats4388vg), a belated Christmas gift for my wife. This will help her open a new pickle jar whenever the  previous pickle jar is empty and I am not in the kitchen. We will  try the automatic jar opener on other jar brands as well." Hutchinson
Waneta recieved the medical alert system and it was setup on Saturday, Nov. 8.  It was checked with the local 911 system and it seems to be exactly what she needed. She sends her appreciation and blessings to you and your organization. God Bless you in your work, M.Mills
"The medical alert is hooked up and Mrs Smith wears the pendant like it is her life. We hooked it up for them and it works very nice. Many thanks from our K. C. Council for the very nice gift you donated to Mr and Mrs Smith.
You made them very happy that they can contact somebody if something would happen to them.
Again thank you very much and God Bless." -Butch
Personal Assistance Voice Dialer -

"I always tell all my friends with elderly parents about the product.  It has helped me feel more secure about leaving Mom on her own for a few hours, or for when she goes out gardening in the backyard (which she will not give up)."  M. Gardner



"Thank you, Ron, and may God bless. Technology awes me and I, too, hate to see people who need this helpful monitor to live safely at home alone. I'm certain I will be ordering another one very soon for my aunt. Later I may be able to donate a monitor to someone else as I am with my family members. Being a caregiver has it's blessings....just as what you sell blesses so many." B. Davis
"Thank you so much!  God must have led me to your site.  It looks like you're offering a wonderful service and ministry." P.Johnson
"Bless you for providing a quality, practical, simple to use and affordable product. This has made a very real improvement in the quality of life for my entire family." J.Eckstein
 "Thanks Ron, mom is now able to get in and out of her car, without much twisting. She had a disk that disintegrated in her back from osteoporosis; it's just a waiting game for the vertebrae to fuse back together. Thanks again, Lori"
 "Just installed the monitor for my 100 yr. old neighbor who lives on her own but had fallen a couple of times and couldn't get up. We have not had to "use" the system yet, thank goodness but tested it and convinced her to PLEASE wear the thing. Hopefully we will never need it but all get some peace of mind. She is on a fixed (very small) income so the security alerts w/a monthly fee was not a option. Thank you for your product."  Sincerely, C. Curry
 "Install today in 20 minutes. Great system at a great price. Thanks for the follow up". G. Myers
 "It arrived FedEx and was set up within 15 minutes. Like I said before, mom and dad are tickled and I actually heard dad giggle as I was setting it up. Life is back to "normal".
  I still find it hard to believe that the old Radio Shack unit and your unit are identical except for the name imprinted on it. I even placed the old unit into the packaging that yours came shipped in, including the owners manual. The only other difference is that the old unit did not have the panic buttons.
  Thanks again for the extra buttons and for the product itself. This entire transaction, including all of the communication has been a very pleasurable experience. Please let me know if I can ever be of assistance to you, either professionally or personally." John
"Ron, I received the monitor and the panic buttons today and was so pleased!  I know my mom will love them (and we will love knowing she is more secure!)...  The wrist watch is a great idea!  Good luck!"  Linda
"Hi: I purchased this as a gift for my father but haven't sent it to him yet.  However, I confess that I have been having some fun with using it to open my jars of peanut butter and spaghetti sauce and was pretty impressed. ...Thanks for following up.  A nice customer service touch." J. Harvey


Once again, thank you very much.  You guys are super.  You run your business the way all busineses should be operated.  I do not recall a single time I received such immediate and satifactory serivce as I have from you.  I will definitely recommend you as well as use you for any of our future needs.
Please feel free to use any of my comments in any of your advertizing, and let me know if there is a place I can officially review your business.
May God continue to bless your efforts to spread the good news of Jesus our Savior.
Ron Bauer

     What Our Ebay Customers Are Saying About Us

We are very happy with our purchase of this Medical Alert. My mother is 90 years old and lives alone in her Grannie flat. Although she lives beside us, the Medical Alert gave us peace of mind when we have to go to work. It was easy to set up, and most of all, there is no monthly fee. I would recommend this product. God bless your company as you honor him! - zac9931

Very pleased with our purchase. It will give our whole family some peace of mind knowing Mom is just a button away from one of us. Thanks for the great product and wonderful service. - jujuwomn

We manage an apartment complex for adults with physical disabilities. We ordered the unit for a tenant who has required emergency assistance and been unable to call staff. I waited to provide feedback so we could "try it out" and see how it works. After a month or so, we are very pleased to report that we like the system. It is easy to use, very reasonably priced and doesn't require a monthly fee or ongoing support, which is critical for our clients on a limited income. We have advised our peers of our satisfaction with the product and will send them the product information so they can see it for themselves. We will happily provide a testimonial. Thank you and good luck!
- colleen4070


AMAZING product! simple setup, works great, must have with elderly in family!



Excellent product. Great value and price. Get this product for all widows.



An honest & honorable seller who firmly supports his customers after the sale.

Medical Alert System NEW NO MONTHLY FEE



Super Fast Shipping, A+++ Comunications !! Great eBayer!!

Medical Alert System with Wireless Pendant


great price works great gives grandparents reassurance thank you so much

Medical Alert System NEW NO MONTHLY FEE


Fantastic transcation. Great product, fast shipping. Great seller.

Medical Alert System NEW NO MONTHLY FEE


Fantastic person to work with

Medical Alert System TELEPHONE with Talking Caller ID


Wonderfully fast delivery of the product. Wish all sellers were as prompt.

Medical Alert System w/Heart Pendant + Panic Buttons


great looking phone you get 5 stars

Medical Alert System TELEPHONE with Talking Caller ID


fast shipping,,,good communication,,,,no problems,,,,,good seller..

Medical Alert System NEW NO MONTHLY FEE


Item received very quickly and in good condition. Works great!

Medical Alert System NEW NO MONTHLY FEE


great communication,very helpful w/service after the sale etc. A+++++

Medical Alert System - NO MONTHLY FEE- *NEW*


A++ great product, excellent communication, lightning fast delivery. Recommend

Medical Alert System *NEW* NO MONTHLY FEE


Good price, Fast shipping, Kept in touch via e-mail,Good E-bayer

NO MONTHLY FEE Emergency Medical Alert System


This product is the best every elderly person should have one!!!!!!!!

Medical Alert System - NO MONTHLY FEE -


SUPER FAST SHIPPING!!!! Works perfectly too

Screw In Motion Sensing Light Switch


Excellent Ebayer A+++++++

Medical Alert System *NEW* NO MONTHLY FEE


Product exactly as advertised! A pleasure to do business with! A+

Screw In Motion Sensing Light Switch


Thank you for the prompt service

Swivel Seat For The Car (dining room or desk chair)


Great seller! I looked all over for this item in stores--glad to find it! FAST!

Screw In Motion Sensor for Light


merchandise as advertised; excellent service.

Emergency Medical Alert System wPendant

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