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2-Way Voice Communication

GPS Locator Watch

with Automatic Fall Detection

gps cellulargps fall detectiongps speed alertgps geo fencegps sos alertgps waterproof

cellular - fall alert - speed alert - geo fencing - SOS alert - waterproof


*Wandering Detection


*Fall Notification






*Location Awareness Solutions


*Special Needs

gps watch alzheimers

gps watch tracker alz children elderly



The Next Generation Indoor/Outdoor mobile Personal Emergency Response Solution (mPERS)

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gps watch features


The next generation of mobile Personal Emergency Response Solutions


The GPS Locator Watch provides families and caregivers a level of assurance knowing where their loved ones are.

Provide families with peace of mind.

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
Promote independence and self-esteem.

Cognitive Impaired
Help those who can’t help themselves.

Chronically Ill
Know that help is never far away.

Lone Workers
Never really alone.

An innovative and award winning GPS Personal Locator, incorporating leading-edge technology.



gps fall detection Fall detection automatically sends an alert when the individual falls


gps waterproof Waterproof to 3ft (1m) so you don't have to remove the GPS Watch whenever you bathe, shower, or go swimming

gps sos alert SOS button automatically sends an alert when pressed and initiates a two-way voice call

gps geo fence Multiple geo-fences with personalized schedules sends an alert when an individual exits or enters a user-defined region.

gps cellular The only watch-like device to include advanced 3G/4G cellular technologies for rapid alerting and accurate GPS locating to within 10ft (3m)


gps speed alert Other features include: Ergonomic design, lightweight 3.1oz (88g), over speed detection, lockable clasp and programmable text reminders.


gps watch size



Setup and tracking is easy using the free iOS and Android Apps or from your laptop or desktop computer!




•      Aesthetic watch design function with time & date
•      The only 4G/3G/2G cellular compatible solution
•      Over the air (OTA) software upgrades
•      Emergency SOS call button
•      Two way voice communication

•      Optional silent 'listen-in' mode*

•      Alerts sent via email or mobile text messages
•      Fall Detection
•      GeoFence exit and entry detection*
•      Over-speed alert*
•      Low battery - dual warning
•      Encrypted data communication
•      Reminder Alerts*
•      Lockable strap with tamper detection alert
•      Long life rechargeable battery
•      Waterproof for swimming, bathing & showering
•      Free download of iPhone & Android mobile Apps
•      Auto enabled Emergency mode*

•      Auto minute by minute tracking (breadcrumbs)*


* see FAQ for more details





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Regular Retail Price $425.99


Our Price ONLY $399.99

Free Shipping

(U.S. and Canada Orders Only)


Click the Link below and

enter PROMO CODE ATS2016 to save $10.00 on your order




$39.95US Monthly ($49.95CDN for Canadian customers) - Includes unlimited data and 15 minutes* of Emergency voice calls

    *$0.75 per minute charge will be assessed after the 15 alloted minutes

► $35.00 one-time activation fee will be applied.


You will receive plan details and

enrollment information with order.







Catalog #: atsgpswatch


What's Included:

 gps watch whats included

Everything you need is already included.


GPS Watch, 2 Clasp Keys, 110v AC USB Power Adapter, USB Charging Cable, USB Cigarette Lighter Adapter for Car Charging, Wrist Resizer (for smaller wrists), Instruction Manual, Quick Start Guide, 1 Year Factory Warranty.






gps watch security usagesCommercial Security


Be confident your human resources are safe - all the time. The GPS Watch indoor / outdoor emergency response solution is designed to give you that confidence.

Flexible and scalable, our solution can be adapted to your changing human resource security requirements.




gps watch lone worker Lone Worker


Cost efficiencies of organizations are constantly weighing down on company executives while the human resources pressures of increasing safe work environments are on the rise.

Flexible and scalable, the GPS Watch indoor / outdoor solution is a modular system in both size and functionality in order to meet your changing human resources security requirements, mitigate risk and provide a foundation for a safe and productive working environment.






gps watch mining Mining Resources


Mining and resource sites present many complex challenges in large footprint work areas such as blast zones, below ground, around machinery; workforce health and safety; optimizing productivity; operational continuity, emergency and incident management .

In conjunction with its strategic integrator partners, the GPS Watch has experience planning and implementing personal emergency response systems to meet your specific policy, process and site requirements.


gps watch school education Education


Higher education organizations increasingly need to ensure the protection of assets, manage resources and ensure student safety while creating open, yet secure environments.

Extend your access control system into a core facilities management tool. The GPS Watch security integration platform has the architecture, capacity and processing power to cope with the heavy-duty demands of a university environment.



gps watch transportation logistics Transport & Logistics


Ground & air distribution companies and port authorities storing and transporting goods nationally and internationally need to protect yards and warehouses often full of trailer units and shipping containers.

For logistics specialists, distribution centers are indispensable and need a high level of security both for personnel on site as well as access control with perimeter entry and exit notifications system integrated with an access control. The GPS Watch offers a tailored made approach to meet your security needs.


gps watch retail Retail


We understand the financial pressures retailers are under to maintain operational costs at a minimum and attracting & retaining employees within a safe environment is a constant challenge.

With the GPS Watch solutions, the above is achievable by offering employees the benefit that help is at a push of a button at all hours of the day or night.










gps watch senior communities Senior Communities


We have scalable solutions for the residential security market, from individual homes, independent & assisted living and long term care facilities offering its channel partners increased Recurring Monthly Revenue possibilities.

An innovative lead-in to current or new potential accounts, the GPS Watch solution provides an opportunity to upsell your offerings while catering to the growing needs of seniors wanting to remain as independent as possible while providing peace of mind to their respective caregivers and family members.


gps watch utilities Utilities


Duty of care obligations and security requirements with the use of a comprehensive solution is essential in facilitating your daily operations. The GPS Watch works with critical infrastructure sites to procure a reliable security solution with a high degree of configurability. The access control and networked perimeter solutions are designed to help you mitigate risk and ensure the safety of your staff.










Q. What is 'Optional silent 'listen-in' mode?

A. This feature allows someone to call the GPS watch and the watch will not ring. The watch will automatically answer and the caller and silently listen to what is going on without the wearer of the watch knowing they have called. This is especially important if you suspect something is wrong with the wearer of the watch and you do not want to alert those around the wearer.


Q. What is 'GEO Fence Exit and Entry Detection?

A. This feature allows the user to outline 4 areas on a map. Based on a defined schedule, if the wearer enters or exits any of these areas the system will send notifications of the event. This is a very valuable feature as it allows for the monitoring of movement in and out of certain areas.


Q. What is 'Reminder Alerts'?

A. This feature allows the user to setup reminders to alert on the watch such as 'take medication at 6pm' on scheduled days and times.


Q. What is 'Auto Enabled Emergency Mode'?

A. This means that the user can designate certain actions to place the watch in 'Emergency' tracking mode. For example; the user could set the watch to automatically start tracking its' location every minute if the clasp on the watch is open. This may indicate an abduction and the need to track the watch much closer may be needed.


Q. What is 'Auto Minute By Minute Tracking (Breadcrumbs)'?

A. This feature automatically sends the location information of the watch to the tracking software each minute. Breadcrumbs show a history of where the watch was on a map each minute.


Q. What makes this GPS Watch different from the others?
A. This system is easier to use, has a lockable strap what is tamper proof with an alert, fall detection, two way voice communication, SOS check in button with disable feature, multiple geo fences with customizable schedules, integrated tracking (no third party system to log into)


Q. Can I call the GPS Watch and talk to the person wearing it?
A. Yes, it operates just like a cell phone. The wearer does not even have to press a button to answer. It will answer automatically. Minutes will be applied against your service plan when calling GPS Watch.


Q. Do I need Access to a Person Computer to Track the Watch?
A. No, you can track and locate on IPHONE, IPAD or ANDROID devices along with a Personal Computer.


Q. What if I have a stroke and cannot speak?

A. This system has the answer. When the system is activated, it calls the designated number and also sends an alert by either text or email. This alert contains the current location of the watch. The receiver of the alert can then call the watch and listen to what is going on without the wearer having to press any buttons.

Q. Who Does the GPS Watch call when help is needed?
A. (Any Number) The choice is yours; it can either call a friend, family or emergency number or a professional monitoring service. You decide and can change that at any time by changing your service plan or accessing your account online. Most people prefer calling a close friend or family.

Q. Can I use this system in Canada?

A. Yes, this unit will work in Canada.


Q. Can I use this system around the world?

A. The system only works in the U.S. and Canada at this time.


Q. Can I call a cell phone with this?

A. Yes, this unit will call any phone number that is programmed into it, calling a cell phone is no different than calling any other number.


Q. Can I wear the GPS Watch in the shower?

A. Yes, the watch is waterproof.


Q. Can I take a bath with the GPS Watch?

A. Yes, you can take it into the bath and submerge it under water.


Q. Can my child use it?

A. Yes, it is very effective for tracking a child and determining if they are where they should be. There is also a wrist attachment included for smaller sized wrists.


Q. How long should the watch last on a full charge before needing to charge it?

A. Since your settings can affect the operation the amount of time will vary. If you use the full set of tracking options with 1 minute updates it will last about 1 day without recharging. When the normal standby options are selected the watch can last up to several days without charging. We do recommend simply charging the watch daily to ensure it is available if needed.


Q. How would I know if the watch battery needs to be charged?

A. There is a battery icon on the face of the watch that indicates battery level. The unit will also send an email or text notification when the battery is getting low as a reminder.


Q. What are these systems typically called?

A. Systems like these are known by many names and phrases:

fall detection, gps watch, gps tracker, gps locator, locator, fall down, man down, automatic fall detection, fall detection system reviews,

medical fall alert, elderly fall detection, man down alert, fall down detection, medical alert with fall detection, lone worker, child tracker, elderly tracker, alzheimer's locator.


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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

5 of 5 people found the following review helpful
Instant peace of mind
By Elizabeth Bell on December 29, 2014
We gave this as an xmas gift to my mom who insists on going for walks by herself even though she gets confused sometimes. Now we can let her go without worrying because we can check where she is when she takes too long or get an alert if she falls. Fantastic product!!


4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
I love it! Finally a solution that helps me have ...
By John Radcliff on December 27, 2014
I love it! Finally a solution that helps me have piece of mind when it comes to knowing my mom's whereabouts at all times. The added fall detection is really great and I've tested the notifications, their quick to come right on my phone by text message and email. Mom fell and broke her hip a few years ago and she was left to herself for 4 hrs. Now I know if she falls and better yet I can call the watch on top of that to check up on her. I especially love that the watch can be locked on her wrist. This solution has everything I need, they even thought of providing a resizer to fit small wrist like my mother. Kudos!



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