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Automatic Fall Detection Notification Pendant

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Works with Alexa Together






Prior to setting up this device (please contact Amazon for details if you need assistance establishing your Alexa Together account)

1. You must have already established your Alexa Together account with Amazon and

2. You must have an Amazon Echo or Echo Show device configured on your Alexa account.

3. You will need to have your Amazon Username and Password available to enter during this process.

4. You will need to have the Name (SSID) of your WIFI router in your home and the WIFI Password to enter during this process.




Step 1. Make sure the unit has been charged for 1 hour


Unbox your SkyAngelCare unit

Place the fall detection pendant in the charging dock

Plug the cord into the back of the charging dock

Plug the other end of the cord into the power outlet in the wall

Allow the unit to charge for 1 hour



Step 2. Turn unit OFF by Pressing and Holding SIDE button for 3 seconds until you hear it beep 2 times (beep beep) and vibrate.


This turns unit off.



Step 3.Turn unit ON by Pressing and Holding SIDE button for 3 seconds until you hear 3 beeps (Beep Beep Beep)


This turns the unit on



Step 4. Wait about 60 seconds until you hear 2 beeps (Beep Beep).


This means the unit is fully on



Step 5. Press SIDE button 4 times quickly to place device in Pairing Mode


Quickly means press button 4 times in 2 second.(press press press press in 2 second time period)


(You will hear unit speak 'please connect to skyangelcare)


This will start the SkyAngelCare's WIFI Hotspot for 4 minutes. If you do not register the SkyAngelCare in 4 minutes you will need to start at step #5 again.



Step 6. Using a Smartphone, Tablet, or Desktop computer Search for your available Wi-Fi networks (only connect to 2.4GHZ networks)




Step 7. Search for Wi-Fi Network SKYANGELCARE


It can take up to 30 seconds for the SKYANGELCARE Wi-Fi hot-spot to appear


This step connects your Smartphone, Tablet or Desktop to the SkyAngelCare device so it can be configured.





Step 8. Select the Wi-Fi Network SKYANGELCARE


skyangelcare select wifi


After it connects to the SKYANGELCARE Wifi you may see this message below.


skyangelcare no internet


If you see the above message is it OK. This means you are connected to the device (the internet is not connected at this time and that is OK)


You may go to step #10 at this time



Step 9. If you see the screen below - Click Connect


If you do not see the screen below, skip to step #10


skyangelcare wifi connect




Step 10. Go to a browser on a Smartphone, Tablet or Laptop and enter to bring up the configuration screen


enter ip address




You will now see the SkyAngelCare configuration screen


skyangelcare config screen




Step 11. Select "Scan and Select your WIFi Router Name'



Click the V button drop down to select the name for your Wi-Fi router in your home.




Step 12. Choose the Wi-Fi router in your home that you want the SkyAngelCare to connect to.


skyangelcare select your wifi




Step 13. Click on 'Enter your Wi-Fi router password' and enter the password to your home Wi-Fi.


skyangelcare wifi confirm


Step 14. Click CONFIRM



Step 15. After you click Confirm you will see


wifi connecting




wifi connect ok





Step 16. After a few moments the Authorization code will appear as seen below (FKHEU4 is an example, your code will be different)



skyangelcare authorization code






Step 17. You must now temporarily leave this screen and go to your Settings screen to change your computer to connect to your home Wi-Fi



Step 18. Connect to the same Wi-Fi you connected to in step 13.




Step 19. Now switch back to the SkyAngelCare configuration screen



Step 20. You will now click the link that says Click to authenticate with Alexa


skangelcare auth


Step 21. Click on 'Enter your Amazon User Name'




Step 22. Click on 'Enter your Amazon Password'




Step 23. Click Sign-In


skyangelcare signin


Wait a few moments




Step 24. Click to accept the agreement with Alexa Voice Services






Step 25. Once the device is registered you will see this screen


skyangelcare amazon registration successful







The device is now registered to the account that you also have your Echo or Echo Show device configured to.




















Q. Does the system need a phone line or a cell phone to function?
A. No. This system works on your wireless internet (Wi-Fi system).


Q. What do I need to make this work in my home?
A. You will need Wi-Fi (Wireless Internet) at the location where it will be used, a smartphone, PC or tablet to configure the initial setup. You will also need an Alexa Together account.


Q. Do I need a smartphone in my home to use this on a daily basis?
A. No. A smartphone is only needed for initial setup.


Q. Can I use more than one SkyAngelCare at my home?

A. Yes. You can use as many as you want or need.  Each one will need to be configured separately.


Q. I am a caregiver, how do I get notifications of a fall?

A. You will get notifications through an application downloaded to your smart phone wherever you are. Contact Alexa Together for more details.


Q. What type of batteries does it use?

A. The SkyAngelCare uses custom rechargeable batteries.


Q. Is this system hard to set up?

A. No. You access the setup screen on your smart phone, log into the application and pair the device. There is no app to download.


Q. What is the range?

A. The range is based on your Wi-Fi router. Typical home Wi-Fi systems will have an average range of 150 feet. Extenders are available to extend the range more.


Q. How heavy is the SkyAngelCare pendant and what is the size?

A. The SkyAngelCare pendant is 2.5" inches long by 2" inches wide and weighs 3oz.


Q. How often should I charge the SkyAngelCare fall detection pendant?

A. We suggest that you place the SkyAngleCare device in the charging station for a few hours each day to keep it charged. Another option is to place the unit in the charging station

at night while you are sleeping. If you get up at night, make sure to put it on. If you want to wear a fall detection device all the time, we suggest you purchase 2 units so you can have

one unit charging while the other is being worn.


Q. How long will the batteries last on a full charge?

A. The battery will last up to 3 days on a full charge.


Q. What happens if my Wi-Fi is down or I am away from my homes Wi-Fi?

A. The SkyAngelCare unit will not speak if the SOS button is pressed or the unit detects a fall and you are outside the range of your Wi-Fi.


Q. How long is the equipment warranty?

A. There is a one year factory defect warranty.


Q. Is the SkyAngelCare pendant pacemaker safe?

A. Yes, there are no issues with wearing this device and having a pacemaker.


Q. Is the SkyAngelCare pendant compatible with any other services like Google Home?

A. This product is currently only compatible with Alexa Together.


Q. Is the SkyAngelCare waterproof?

A. Yes, you can shower or bath with this unit (do not submerge longer than 10 minutes at a time). Let the unit dry for 24 hours between showers.

Do not charge the unit within 8 hours of showering.


Q. How do I receive Live assistance with the SkyAngelCare?

A. Please use the CHAT button on the bottom right of this screen


A. Please Click this link to

A. Or Send an e-mail to


Q. How can I get more help with my SkyAngelCare device (Security concerns, software updates, other questions and assistance)?

A. Please send an email to


Q. I have a lot of questions regarding Alexa Together and how that works. Where do I get answers?

A. Click here for a FAQ list from Alexa Together








How to Pair the SOS button to your Amazon account






Example of Pressing SOS button and Not contacting Urgent Response



Example of Pressing SOS button and Contacting Urgent Response



Example of turning the SkyAngelCare device ON




Example of turning the SkyAngelCare device OFF





Q. When I press the button or drop the pendant it does not alert Alexa that a fall took place.

A. Make sure of the following:

1. Make sure your Wi-Fi router is turned on.

2. Check to make sure the Red light on the pendant is flashing (1 second on then 1 second off), this indicates the pendant is connected to the Wi-Fi and your account.

3. Make sure you have charged the pendant (are there any lights on the pendant? if not charge the pendant for at least 2 hours)

4. Make sure the pendant has been connected to your Alexa Together account (see How To Setup)



Q. How is the software updated on the SkyAngelCare?

A. The SkyAngelCare device will check automatically each week for updates and automatically update the software on the device, shutdown and

reboot without user intervention when connected to a WIFI router. See this link for more details.


Q. How do I change the Wi-Fi router that the device is connected to?

A. Press side button 4 times and repeat the pairing process.


Q. How do I change the Amazon Together account that the device uses?

A. Press side button 4 times and repeat the pairing process.


Q. How do I remove this device from my Amazon account if I no longer want it?

A. Access your Amazon account and go to the Devices section and delete the device named SkyAngelCare.


Q. What do I do if I loose this device and buy a new one?

A. First you would want to remove the old device from your account (see question above), then pair the new device using the initial setup steps.


Q. How can I get more help with my SkyAngelCare device (Security concerns, software updates, other questions and assistance)?

A. Please send an email to


Q. How do I receive Live assistance with the SkyAngelCare?

A. Please use the CHAT button on the bottom right of the screen


A. Please Click this link to

A. Or Send an e-mail to












For the first time of use, please fully charge the unit for at least 1 hour


skyangelcare contents


1- Red LED light, 2- Blue LED light, 3- SOS button, 4- Power Button, 5- Microphone, 6- Speaker,
7-USB-C slot in Charging Station, 8/9- Docking/Charging Station 10- Wall Power adapter 11-MIcro USB to USB-C power cord


Using the USB charger and docking/charging station to charge

  • Place the device in the docking/charging station.
  • Connect the Micro USB-C side of the cable (11) to the docking/charging station port (7) and connect the Micro USB end of the cable to the designated
  • AC power source (10) (USB/AC adaptor).








  • To turn on the device: press and hold the side power button (4) for 3 seconds, the Red and Blue LEDs will flash rapidly. You will hear 3 beeps. After about 20 seconds you will hear a double beep. The LEDs will stop flashing rapidly. The device is now ON.
  • To turn off the device:  press and hold the side button (4) for 3 seconds, you will feel a vibration and a double beep. The device is now OFF.



Charging Status – Red Light:
Red light is on solid: the unit is charging in the Docking/Charging station


Normal Operation Standby Light Status:
When the unit is not in the Docking/Charging station and is turned on,
The Red light will blink once slowly, then pause, then blink once slowly again indicating the unit is getting a Wi-Fi signal.
The Blue light will blink twice quickly, then pause, then twice quickly again, indicating a satellite signal is being received.





We recommend that you test your system as soon as possible. Press and hold the SOS button (3) for 3 seconds until the device vibrates, and then the RED light (1) will start to flash rapidly to confirm the unit is about to connect to the Alexa server. After that, the unit will contact Alexa and report a fall. Next your Alexa device that you have attached

will speak to you and ask you if you have fallen or have an emergency. Respond to the Alexa device that spoke to you and say 'No' you do not have an emergency.


We highly recommend that you test your unit monthly to ensure the system is functioning properly and will be available if you need it.






Press and hold the SOS button (3) for 3 seconds until the device vibrates, and then the RED light (1) will start to flash rapidly to confirm the unit is about notify Amazon Alexa of the SOS. After that, the unit will speak and notify you that it has detected an SOS. (See training video section)



When the unit detects a fall from at least 3 feet above the ground it will make a short beep sound. This is to indicate that it has detected a fall and will soon begin to notify Amazon. After approximately 15 seconds it will notify Amazon using your Wi-Fi in your home. To cancel the call before it notifies Amazon, press the SOS button again within 15 seconds..



The SkyAngelCare has a rechargeable battery that lasts approximately 3 days on a full charge. We recommend that you place the unit in the charging station each night to keep the unit fully charged.


The SkyAngelCare is 100% waterproof and can be briefly worn in the shower or even submerged under water for up to 15 minutes at a time. Please allow 8 hours of drying time between being subjected to water. Do not allow the device to be soaked for prolonged periods of time.

PLEASE NOTE: Do not remove the back cover at any time; this will break the waterproof seal. Also, opening the device voids any and all warranties.







Purchase the SkyAngelCare automatic fall detection pendant:


The SkyAngelCare is great for someone who needs a way to notify someone that they need help.


Features List:


-Can be activated manually by pressing the SOS pendant

-Automatic Fall Detection will send notification to Alexa Together when a fall is detected from 3 feet above the ground



Requirements to work with Alexa Together:


The user will need an Echo or Alexa-enabled device and Wi-Fi in the home, while you only need the Alexa app downloaded to your phone. For a better experience, we do recommend that you also have an Echo device to use features like Alexa Calling or Drop In, or to enable video chat if you both have an Echo Show.


The user must subscribe to Alexa Together.



This Package includes: SkyAngelCare unit, Charging Station, Charging Cable, Wall Power Plug, Lanyard, User Guide, (does not include Echo Dot or Echo Show)


buy skyangelcare






Extra Charging Station


What's Included:


Charging Cable, Wall Plug and Charging Station


$49.99 + shipping/handling

Catalog #: SACDOC




Replacement Necklace Lanyard


$9.99 each + shipping/handling

Catalog #: SACLANY







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