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Special Upgrade Offer

For Guardian Alert 911


 Save by upgrading today.


You have been invited to participate in a special program authorized just for you.

You can now upgrade your Guardian Alert 911 system to

call a different number.

Your Guardian Alert 911 can now call numbers OTHER than 911

Compare The Guardian Alert 911 to the Upgrade Option

New Guardian Alert Upgrade 

Guardian Alert CHOICE



Current Guardian Alert 911



Flexible dialing


Calls 911 only

911 can be changed to call any number with Choice Adapter


Emergency number 911 can not be changed

A combination of 4 pendants can be used with the system 


 Only 1 pendant can be used with the system

The NEW Model

Guardian Alert CHOICE

Buy the Entire Package -

Guardian Alert 911 with Upgrade Package



(This package includes the Guardian Alert 911, Plus the Choice Package to allow the unit to call numbers other than 911)


Only $249.99


Destination Country


Buy the Upgrade package Only (Choice Package)


(If you already have the Guardian Alert 911 you will only need this package to upgrade it to call numbers other than 911)



Only $99.99


Destination Country




Upgrade Package (Choice Package) Features

Simple To Install-

Just plug the Choice jack between your Guardian Alert 911 (Or any telephone).


Simple to Program-

You can program the Choice Package to call any phone number by simply keying a few codes and the specific number into your telephone.


Simple to Use-

Once progammed the Choice Package will work automatically to call your specific number anytime it hears 911 being called from your device.



You can use the Choice Package to call 000 instead of 911 for countries that use numbers other than 911 for emergencies.

Guardian Alert 911 Features:



Carry the pendant with you all around your house and yard.


Safety –
Carry the emergency call button all over your home and yard with you, even in the shower.


Save Dollars –
With No Monthly Fees you will save hundreds of dollars each and every year
when compared to the cost of a monitoring service.


Save Dollars –
What is the cost of an ambulance trip and an emergency room visit?
By calling friends or family to help in the event of a fall you can save an ambulance trip and hospital charges.


Save Time –
Save time when contacting family or friends or even 911 because they are called directly
instead of being connected by a call center. Minutes count in the event of an emergency.


Take this system with you when traveling to family or another location.
Just plug it in and you are ready to go.


Comfort –
Provide comfort in speaking with someone
in the event of an emergency instead
of pressing a button and waiting for help to arrive.

Simple To Use –
With one simple button to press it is much easier to use than dialing a phone under
stressful conditions. It’s simple for children to use and those with memory or vision issues.



The possible uses and benefits are tremendous!!





Try it for 30 days, return if not satisfied. 1 year full warranty on all equipment.

 Save by upgrading today.

Donate To Help Provide FREE Medical Alert Systems to The Needy

(Click here for more information- opens in new window)



Questions and Answers:




Can I try it and return it if I am not satisfied?

Yes, there is a 30 day return policy. You can try it return it for a refund if you are not satisfied.


Is there a warranty?

Yes, there is a 1 year full warranty on all of the equipment. If there are any problems in the first year we will replace the part or the entire system.


Is this system compatible with VOIP and Cable Telephone Systems?

Yes, this system will work with your cable phone systems and many others like Magic Jack, Vonage, and more.


How long does the charge for the battery in the pendant last?

The battery in the pendant is a rechargeable battery. Under normal use it should last several months.


 Can I use more than 1 pendant on this system?

Yes, you can use up to 4 pendants on one base unit. Extra pendants and can be purchased separately at any time.


What if my neighbor gets one, will my pendant or communicator set their system off?

Not unless you want it to. Each pendant or communicator is 'paired' to a base unit. This means that you can use the pendant or communicator with just your system or you can use it with your neighbor's system, the choice is yours.


Do I have to call 911?

No, this system will call any number that you tell it to. You can have it call 911 only if you choose to.


What happens if I can not speak and the systems calls 911?

The E911 system in the United States automatically knows your address based on the caller id of the phone number from where you called. If you call 911 and do not speak they will attempt to call you back. If they get no response they will send emergency assistance to the location of the call.


Can I take it to a different location?

Yes, take it to a new location at any time. It will retain the telephone numbers that you have programmed into it even if the batteries are removed. 


Is It Pacemaker Safe?

Of course it is. This system will not effect the operation of a pacemaker.


Will it work in Canada or other countries?

It will work in Canada. Countries other than Canada may require an electrical adapter and a telephone jack adapter to connect to the power and the phone line. For a small extra fee we can supply many foreign power adapters.


I do not have a home phone line at all. I only have a cell phone. Can this work with a cell phone?

Yes, there are optional cell phone adapter modules that we can assist you in obtaining.


Will it call and work with cell phones?

Yes. Just program the cell phone number into the system the same way that you would if you were calling the cell phone number directly from the phone line.


How do I check that the battery is ok and the pendant is connected to a phone line?

Just press the gray button on the bottom of the pendant to check the battery and the pendant's connection at any time.


PAYMENT NOTE:All Credit Card Payments Are Processed "Through" PayPal. This DOES NOT Mean That You Must Have A PayPal Account. You Will See A PayPal Screen But You DO NOT Have To Log Into PayPal UNLESS You Want To Pay With Paypal. If Paying With A Credit Card Simply Enter Your Credit Card Information.
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