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Hearing Solutions -

cell phone ringer flasher

Cell Phone/Home Phone Ringer Flasher Notifier

Desk top signaling device that has a loud ringer and bright flasher to alert you of incoming calls from your cell or home phone.

Optional Bed Shaker to alert you while you sleep.

Product details
Price: $99.99




Wireless Amplified TV Speakers

The Wireless Amplified TV Speaker delivers crystal clear stereo sound from your TV.

No wires or headsets needed.

Product details
Price: $139.99



Caption Phone with Amplification and More. No Hearing Certification Required.

This Caption Phone is also good for people with low vision, with a large 7 inch captioned display screen of telephone conversations, so you can catch every word that is being said.

Product details
Price: $99.99
amplified big button picture speakerphone6

Amplified Big Button Picture Phone Speakerphone

This phone features 8 big quick dial buttons for easy dialing. The Amplified Big Button Picture Phone Speakerphone is ideal for anyone wanting an easy to use, powerful amplified speakerphone.

Product details
Price: $79.99



bg button cordless phone with answering machine

Big Button Amplified Cordless Phone With Answering Machine

Carry it around the house with you. Big buttons makes this the perfect choice for seniors with vision issues. Improves conversation by making words not only louder, but also clearer and easier to understand

Product details
Price: $89.99

Professional Cordless Amplified 5.8ghz Telephone

Now you can take your amplified phone with you. The Professional Amplified Cordless phone is 5.8GHz and features Digital Clarity Power (DCP) technology, with up to 50 decibels of intelligent amplification. The intelligent amplification makes soft sounds audible, while keeping loud sounds bearable. Also has caller id and call waiting.
Product details
Price: $169.95
voice dialer phone

Amplified Big Button Voice Dialing Phone

An Amplified Big Button Voice Dialing Phone that allows users to dial up to 45 contacts by Speaking the Name or Speaking the Phone Number. Great for those with Vision, Hearing or Hand Mobility issues.

Product details
Price: $299.99



Amplified Cordless Phone With Visual Ring Indicator and Vibrating Ring + More

It is an expandable phone system with up to 40dB amplification and Caller ID.Large Caller ID display, Tone control to shape both high and low frequencies, Vibrating alert in handset, Flashing ring indicator in handset. Expandable to 5 handsets.
Product details
Price: $129.95
auto hang up


Make your phone line Never Busy with a Flashing, Loud Ringer Box Even When The Phone Is OFF the Hook!

Product details
Price: $49.99




Loud Extra Phone Line Ringer with Flashing Light

No batteries required. When the phone rings you will hear it with this extra loud ringer. The unit also flashes when the phone rings. Adjustable setting for the ringer tone and volume. Desk or wall mountable.
Product details
Price: $19.99

Telephone Ring Amplifier With Flasher

Easy to install. How could you miss a call with this extra loud ringer with a flasher? When the phone rings the extra loud ringer takes off and the flasher starts flashing to get your attention. Great for the hearing impaired, a noisy work shop or while you have your headsets on.
Product details
Price: $19.20

Secret Sound Amplifier

The first fully re-chargeable personal sound amplifier that looks like a blue tooth earpiece!
Product details
Price: $49.78

Cell Phone or Cordless Phone Volume Amplifier

Amplify the volume from your cell phone or cordless phone up to 3 times louder. The perfect solution for those with moderate hearing loss.
Product details
Price: $39.99

Extra Loud Smoke Detector

Hear It - See It - Photoelectric Smoke Detector. Extremely loud alarm with a bright flashing strobe light will get your attention. This is the perfect solution for hearing impaired or deaf. Hear it --- See It.
Product details
Price: $189.90
personal amplifier

Portable Listener and Sound Amplifier

This Portable Listener and Sound Amplifier increases sound while filtering out annoying background noise, making it easier to hear conversations. It's small and unobtrusive. Ideal for individuals with slight hearing loss, professionals in business meetings as well as students who attend lectures.
Product details
Price: $139.99

Amplified Big Button Quick Dial Picture Phone

This phone has BIG buttons and you can place PHOTOS of your family in the speed dial slots. This makes is so easy to call family or children to call you. Just press the button for your loved one and you're are connected.
Product details
Price: $49.45


Amplified Big Button Picture Phone With Digital Answering Machine

The Amplified Big Button Telephone is a full digital talking photo dial phone that is perfect for use in home or office settings, and is ideal for those with hearing and/or vision loss.
Product details
Price: $169.99

Sonic Boom -Loud Alarm, Bed Shaker with Flashing Lights

Wake and Shake. This alarm is determined to get you up ... one way or the other !
Product details
Price: $83.99

Telephone Handset Amplifier

Hear what you have been straining to hear. How could you miss a word when this amplifier can amplify the volume up to 100 times!
Product details
Price: $34.89

Emergency Connect Package: Vibrating Water Resistant Panic Button, Answering Machine, Amplified Phones and More

No Monthly Fees - 600 Foot Pendant and Long Range Cordless Phone. Water Resistant Pendant. .This system has everything to communicate in one package. Long range Panic Button, Long Range Cordless Phone, Corded Phone in the base unit, Digital Answering Machine, Amplification, Strobe Lights to Alert you of calls, Plus, the Emergency Alert Pendant even vibrates when the phone rings.
Product details
Price: $188.67

Portable Phone Amplifier

The Portable Phone Amplifier is compact and easy to install. With BOOST button for greater amplification. Available in Black or White. A Quality product by Clarity.
Product details
Price: $33.99

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