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Talking Products -



mini message recorder

Mini Message Recorder

The Mini Message Recorder with its' loud and clear playback and the ability to store up to a 20 second message has unlimited uses.


Perfect for recording the contents of medication bottles, food containers or just a quick reminder of an important task.

Product details
Price: $14.99


voice reminder

Voice Controlled Voice Reminder Alarm Clock

Voice Controlled Voice Reminder Alarm Clock. Speaks To You In Your Own Voice

When The Alarm Goes Off.


Product details
Price: $99.99

Big LCD Display Talking Alarm Clock

"Easy-to-Find and Press Talking Button" LCD Display measures almost an inch tall. Features: • Large, easy-to-find talk button • Blue backlight • 10 minute snooze button • Hourly announcement • Hi/Lo volume switch
Product details
Price: $21.78



talking cooking thermometer

Talking Cooking Thermometer

Hear that the steak is done! With the Talking Thermometer-you don't even have to be in the same room to know your food is done. With its easy-to-read display, you will know the target temperature and actual temperature at the same time.

Product details
Price: $34.97

Indoor/Outdoor Talking Thermometer

Find out the temperature Outside while staying Inside! Just press the button to hear the temperature.
Product details
Price: $23.80

JUMBO Talking Calculator

This thing is HUGE and it TALKS! For those with low vision or just want to use it for fun. This calculator speaks, has large buttons, large display, a large size, and it talks.
Product details
Price: $38.88

Talking Bathroom Scale

Talking scale is ideal for people who are blind or have trouble seeing. You can now weigh yourself without having to get assistance to read the scale.
Product details
Price: $64.99
300 FT Talking Portable Oven Thermometer

300 Foot Talking Portable Oven Thermometer

Need more time OUT of the kitchen or AWAY from the grill? Now you can just walk away, 330 feet away to be exact and still be informed when "dinner is done!". 5 languages, temperature range from 32F to 572F, 8 entree programs, 4 doneness choices, 2 verbal and 3 audio alerts, low battery indicator and MORE!
Product details
Price: $49.99
talking caller id

Talking Caller ID Unit

With your Talking Caller ID Unit, you’ll know who’s calling, even before you grab the handset. The Talking Caller ID announces the callers name from the Caller ID record. No set up required, just plug and play and walk away.
Product details
Price: $37.20

Talking Clock

When you press the button on the top you will hear a clear announcement of the time. This clock is ideal for people with low vision or blind.
Product details
Price: $19.87

Talking Cube Clock with Day and Date with Hour Announce

You’ll always know the time, day and date with this small talking alarm clock. Easy to locate buttons on the top of the clock. Small, won't take up valuable table space. Time and alarms are set on the bottom, avoiding confusion. Ideal for people who are blind or losing their vision and helpful for people with memory loss.
Product details
Price: $49.56

Talking Desktop Calculator

With large buttons, this Talking Calculator is terrific for people with low vision.
Product details
Price: $22.83

Talking Digital Blood Pressure Monitor

Fully automatic - SEE and HEAR the test results. A great gift and solution for those with low vision.
Product details
Price: $149.91

Talking Food Can

You can now "Hear" what is in your can. For those with vision limitations this is ideal to help identify what is in the food can. You get 3 talking caps in this package.
Product details
Price: $37.43

Talking Food Scale

The Talking Food Scale helps those with low vision properly weigh their food. Those with special diets and need to weigh their food will really love this.
Product details
Price: $42.99

JUMBO Talking Caller ID

The new JUMBO Talking Caller ID is large enough to see who is calling and announces the number calling.  It now has recordable caller name and Spam blocker features. It is desk OR wall mountable and has two language options: English or Spanish. Offers various call display messages and great for anyone with vision complications.
Product details
Price: $99.99

Talking Ladies Gold Colored Pendant Watch with Gold Chain

Beautifully Sylish Ladies Gold Colored Pendant Talking Watch with Gold Chain. A wonderful accessory that is also very functional for the vision impaired.
Product details
Price: $48.79

Talking Multi Function Watch Black

The perfect inexpensive talking watch for everyday. Just press the button and it speaks the time.
Product details
Price: $19.95



Talking Pill Bottle Holder

Don't mix up your medicine. Know exactly what is in the bottle and how to take it from this day forward. You can record exactly how many pills to take, at what time to take them and what they are for. This is a MUST HAVE for those with low vision.
Product details
Price: $29.99

Talking Watch (Gold)

Hear the time by pushing a button. A very prestigious looking watch. Great for those with low vision or blind.
Product details
Price: $63.27 - Out of stock

Talking Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

This talking, wrist-mounted blood pressure monitor is ideal for those who need to keep track of their blood pressure for medical reasons, and anyone who wants to measure their pulse rate. With one touch of a button, the monitor auto-inflates for quick, easy measurement, with automatic pressure release valve system and audible data announcements.
Product details
Price: $57.99

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