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Portable Color Handheld Video Monitoring System

with Voice/Sound Activation


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portable handheld video monitor

The Portable Handheld Monitor system delivers safety and style, all in one convenient and attractive package. Simple to set up and easy to use, this is the perfect video monitor for any home. The included handheld monitor features a bright 2.4" LCD COLOR screen, feather touch controls, a rechargeable battery and a stand that doubles as a belt clip.


Talking Intercom - Hear what is going on

Communication - Speak to the other person anytime



1 Wireless Color Camera

1 Portable Handheld Color Monitor

1 Rechargeable Lithium Battery

2 Power Adapters

1 Quick Setup Guide


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The Portable Handheld Monitor features a talking intercom that allows you to speak to someone in another room. Never miss an important moment with visual alerts that keep you abreast of current activity in a child’s room, an elderly parent’s room, garage, playhouse, front porch, etc.


The Portable Handheld monitor helps to keep you aware at all times. Sleep mode turns off the LCD screen for use as an audio monitor, letting you rest comfortably in the event you need to monitor another room, also helps extend the battery life. You can add up to three additional cameras, so as your needs grow, the LIVE View grows with you.


Example of use: If you want to monitor an elderly relative that is sleeping in another room simply place the camera in their room. Any time there is a sound your portable handheld monitor will come on and you can see and hear them. You can then press 'Talk' on the handheld monitor and speak to them. This is a great way of letting them know you heard them and are on your way to assist or bring them something.


Secure Network - Secured video feed, no network access to hackers. Does not need Internet.
Wireless Range - Wireless operating cameras, no video cable required. Works through doors and walls. Range will vary.
Expandable System - System is expandable, allows additional cameras.



Advanced 2.4” vivid view LCD COLOR monitor
Secure and private digital wireless signal
Automatic black & white night vision (COLOR during the day)
Talk-to-room intercom
Visual and audio alerts - Visually see the sound level
Extended battery life with power save mode
Feather touch controls
Counter, wall or ceiling mountable camera
Handheld video monitor stand doubles as belt clip
Add up to 3 additional cameras





1 Wireless Camera

1 Portable Handheld Monitor

1 Rechargeable Lithium Battery

2 Power Adapters

1 Quick Setup Guide


Watch Day or Night
View any time of the day or night with automatic night vision


Talk-to Intercom
Comfort or simply speak to someone, allowing them to hear your voice


Stay Aware
Sound and visual indicators help keep you aware at all times


A Safe, Sound Sleep
Sleep Mode dims the LCD monitor to let you get your rest, monitors overnight and extends battery life.


Protect Your Family's Privacy
The digital wireless signal is safe, secure and will ensure your family’s privacy.

Customer Comment: “Fantastic Unit for keeping an eye on virtually anything!”
I will start off by saying the picture on this system is crystal clear. The colors come through perfectly and are very vibrant, making it easy to see clearly. Setup was an absolute breeze - I always mention this because I hate it when I get new electronics that take forever to figure out just how to get them hooked up and turned on. Another big plus about this is that the crystal clear picture is perfect with almost no light. It's amazing that picture quality can be that great without a bright light shining on the target. I looked at the view screen and thought I didn't realize that something was in the room. I turned to look and I was unable to see the details of the room with the naked eye but the camera could pick them up. Another great feature of this unit is the talk feature. You can mute this feature when needed as well. As you walk around and listen with your portable handset video monitor, you can choose to speak to the camera unit and it will magnify through the room. It comes through loud and clear. It's really a great feature whether you need to give your reassuring voice to baby or put some kids or even your pups back in line if they get a little out of hand. You can add more units to this system and there is a scan feature on the video handset that will let you go through them. This really is a quality unit with exactly the needed features (and not a lot of extras that you would never use and would just end up making the unit confusing). I highly recommend it for any monitoring you need to do. It's easy to use and has amazing video quality and the talk feature is such a great idea so that you have the option to handle certain situations without getting up and going into the monitored room. Definite recommend. - - - R. Phillips - MS USA - February 22, 2012


NOTE: 1 Year Limited Manufacturer Warranty – Does Not Include Batteries


Range up to 150ft/50m indoor, 450ft/150m outdoor based on line of sight. Actual range will vary depending on obstructions.

Night vision range in ideal conditions. Objects at or beyond this range may be partially or completely obscured, depending on the camera application.

Battery life: Up to 4hrs, 7hrs with power save mode. Included power adapter for overnight operation

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