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Motion Activated LED Light Strips

Double Pack (2 Sensors and 2 Light Strips)



motion activated led light strip


Home>>>>Personal Security and Home Automation

>>>>>>>>>Mobility and Access

>>>>>>>>>Motion Activated


motion activated led light strip


Brand New with 1 Year Factory Warranty 

30 Days To Try And Return If Not Satisfied

motion activated led light strip


Motion Sensor, 3M Backing to Stick Anywhere, Dimmer and Auto Timer



motion activated led light strip


Flexible, Size Adjustable, Bright and Long Lasting




Smart Nightlight -- Warm soft glow of bed light will turn on to guide you safely across the room in the dark with no disturbing glare to wake others.


Power Saving -- Only light up when your movement is picked up and automatically shut off after leaving. This further improves power efficiency and saves energy.


Motion Activated -- Built-in human body passive infrared (PIR) motion sensor light with automatic shut-off timer. Automatically activated by human induction when dark.


Adjustable Time -- Motion Sensor Auto Shut-off Timer can be set to 30, 130 or 380 seconds.


Multi-Purpose -- Safely guide you through the dark. Can be installed anywhere you need extra light. Not only act as an under the bed lamp, but also cover a wide range of home applications like stairways, cabinets, sofas, other furniture, etc.



motion activaedled light strip


motion activated led light strip


motion activated led light strip



* Motion Activated

* Easy Setup

* Auto Shut Off Timer

*Stick Anywhere

* Long Range Sensor

*Dimmable Light Strip

*Extra Long Bulb Life



Why is this so special?


-Super strong 3M adhesive backing lets you put this Motion Sensor LED Light Strip where ever you want


-Great for under bed lighting, step lighting, in your kitchen or even your bathroom


-An adjustable light timer for 30, 130 or 380 seconds for the right amount of time for your lights to be on


-Adjustable dimmer dial for a bright 25w light or turn down for a soft soothing light


-The long-lasting LED lights are rated up to 10 years of average use


quality guaranteed 1 year warrenty


What's Included:


2 LED Light Strips

2 Motion Sensors

1 Power Cord

1 Adapter cord

2 3m Adhesive Disks for Sensors

2 Cord Clips

2 Light Strip Clips

1 Users Guide



ONLY $24.99 + shipping





motion activated light strip


motion activated led lightstrip



Motion Activated LED Light Strips FAQ:


Q. How long is the light strip?

A. The light strips are 5ft long.


Q. What is the distance the sensor will pick up motion?

A. The sensors will pick up motion up to 25ft.


Q. How long do the lights stay on?

A. You can set the lights to stay on for 30, 130 or 380 seconds.


Q. Can the light strips be used in the bathroom?

A. Yes.


Q. Does this come with adhesive tape to mount?

A. Yes, it comes with 3m adhesive tape.


Q. Will pets set off the motion sensors?

A. Yes.


Q. Can the light strips be used outdoors?

A. Yes.


Q. Can the light strips be moved after installation?

A. Yes, you will have to get more two sided-tape to re-stick the light strip to a surface. When first installing the light strip, we recommend you use scotch tape to hold the light strip in place until you get your desired position. Then peel off the 3m adhesive backing to place permanently.

Customer Comments:


These dimmable light strips are great when you want to add a bit of light ...These dimmable light strips are great when you want to add a bit of light to an otherwise dark area. The on/off sensor ensures you won't be wasting energy when you aren't in the room. The kitchen is where I installed mine (in a matter of minutes quite effortlessly) to add light in the evenings but without having to keep the oven hood light on all night.
The placement possibilities are endless for around the house.
Kari E.


Very easy to install and can adjust light settings to brighten or dim lights makes a great addition to any room. Nicole


Good quality, durable and affordable. This light strip is made well...... The dimming feature is NOT automatic but done with a turn dial on the motion sensor. There's also 3 selections that say 380s, 130s and 30s which im assuming is how long it will stay on once motion sensor is set offI'm thinking I'm going to need multiples of this thing! Picture's show light at it's dimmest and it's brightest settings. Rhonda H.


Really like these lights. Our son got them for us to light up a dark hallway and a few steps we trip on alot. Deloris R.


I put this in our pantry, when the door opens, lights come on. Bright enough for a 2x3ft closet Callie W.


Perfect lighting for any room--These lights are so easy to install. I put mine along the base board so, when I get up during the night, I can see. The lights come on as you walk past them and automatically turn back off. With a delay switch: 30 seconds/130 seconds/380 seconds. There is a dial so the brightness can be adjusted. LED lights are very bright so I turned the brightness down to about 50%. The back of the light strip has a sticky side so they stick anywhere. Also, they can be trimmed to any length for the area you want to put them. Plugs into the wall outlet. Susan G



Customer Photos

motion lights

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