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We are constantly evaluating and adding new products to resolve situtations. Check out our newest additions below. If you have any suggestions for new products please let us know by using the 'Contact Us' link at the bottom of the page.

The ONLY 100% Battery Powered WiFi Smart Doorbell

The NEW WiFi Smart doorbell. Answer your doorbell from your smartphone.A great security device. Anyone ringing your doorbell will think you are home even when you are away.

Price: $149.99


Self-Standing Cane with Light - SteadyCane

The BEST Self Standing - Foldable - Height Adjustable - Bright LED Light - Wrist Strap.

Price: $19.99


long range driveway alert

Long Range Driveway Motion Alert


Be notified when movement is detected up to 1/2 mile away. Always know way ahead of time when someone is approaching. Don't be caught off guard by a delivery or visitor.

Product details
Price: $98.77


long range communicators

Long Range Communicators Up to 18 Miles

Communicate up to 18 miles away with no monthly costs.Voice Activation - Hands free communication. Listen-In Features - Carry one with you and monitor the other one. Call Alert - Notify the other person that there is a need.
Product details
Price: $49.99


hands free dialing

This is the World’s first all in one voice dialer phone in which one can make a call, end a call, and answer a call  without the need to ever touch the phone.

Product details
Price: $249.95

touch n talk medical alert pendant in hand

With 2 Way Speakerphone in the Wireless Pendant - up to a 600 Foot Range - No Monthly Fee Medical Alert System

Product details
Price: $279.95

personal assistance voice dialer ii

Personal Assistance Voice Dialer II - Amplified Medical Alert Phone with Waterproof Pendant

The Personal Assistance Voice Dialer II is most affordable and simple to use alert system available. Amplified Telephone, Emergency Dialer, Talking Caller ID, Loud Ringer with Flashing Light, Speaker Phone, Waterproof Necklace Emergency Pendant. Will Even Make An Emergency Call If the handset is off the hook.

Product details

Price: $99.99


fall detecting

Fall Detecting Medical Alert

It Calls For Help Without Pressing A Button! In addition to working as a standard Emergency Medical Alert System, this new system has a 'Fall Detecting' waterproof panic button. When a Fall is detected it starts calling for Help. No Monthly Bills, No Contracts.

Product details

Price: $299.99



SkyAngelFriends - Call 3 Friends and 911 Anytime and Receive Incoming Calls

Call your own 4 emergency contacts at the touch of a button. Receive incoming calls from anyone.

Product details

Price: $14.99/Mo.

voice reminder

Voice Controlled Voice Reminder Alarm Clock

Voice Controlled Voice Reminder Alarm Clock. Speaks To You In Your Own Voice

When The Alarm Goes Off.

Price: $99.99


video intercom doorbell combo with telephone

Video Intercom Doorbell/Telephone Combo

The only product of its kind. Two long range cordless handsets with digital answering machine. Battery operated high quality video intercom doorbell. Talk to the person at the door while talking on the phone. Takes snap shots of the person at the door and allows for full live video communication.
Price: $179.95


help dialer 700 what is included

Help Dialer 700

Simple - Easy - Affordable Emergency Alert Help Dialer. Dials 3 numbers automatically at the touch of a button. 2 panic buttons included; Necklace Panic Button and Wrist Panic Button. No Monthly Fees, Charges or Contracts of any kind.

Product details

Price: $69.99


I'm OK - Passive Activity Monitoring System


Detect variances in your loved ones daily routines before it turns into horrible crisis. Simply plug the sensors into a power source, such as a wall outlet or power strip. Then plug electrical appliances into the sensors. The sensors connect to the network using built-in wireless Internet. You will be notified as the appliances are turned on and off sending reassurance throughout the day.

Product details

Price: $199.99

Simple 6 Button Universal Remote - Control T.V. and another device with this simple remote

Change the channels, surf your favorite list with this remote and control your cable, satellite or digital converter box. 6 Big Colored buttons easily indicate the function.

Product details

Price: $39.99

JUMBO Caller ID                 

JUMBO Talking Caller ID

The new JUMBO Talking Caller ID is large enough to see who is calling and announces the number calling.  It has an illuminated display, a red ringer light on the top to notify a call is coming in, is desk OR wall mountable and has three language options: English, Spanish or French. Offers various call display messages and great for anyone with vision complications.

Product details

Price: $29.99

This combination Amplified big button phone with Caller ID, Speakerphone and Emergency connect unit provides peace of mind for those who live alone and and their families. Comes with 2 pendants that you can shower with.
Product details
Price: $159.99

A wonderful convenience for doctors, nurses, caregivers or anyone that frequently needs to sanitize their hands. The buttons on the top allow an easy way to adjust the amount of liquid being dispensed.
Product details
Price: $29.99

Amplified SOS Emergency Alert Phone with 195 Foot Range Pendant You Can Shower With

Emergency Alert-Talking Caller ID Phone with wireless water resistant wrist/necklace pendant you can shower with and 50dB of Amplification. Visual Strobe Light Ringer Plus a whole lot more !

Product details
Price: $169.95


When you need a little something to help keep your balance getting in and out of the car, the Car Caddie does the job.
Product details
Price: $29.99


Wireless Vibrating Chime Personal Pager

Signal for help when you need assistance with a personal pager that chimes or vibrates. This wireless pager system lets you call for attention simply by pressing the button on the transmitter. The pager chimes loudly or vibrates. Ideal if you are confined to a bed, have limited mobility or work in a noisy office.
Product details
Price: $62.48

Big LCD Display Talking Alarm Clock

"Easy-to-Find and Press Talking Button" LCD Display measures almost an inch tall. Features: • Large, easy-to-find talk button • Blue backlight • 10 minute snooze button • Hourly announcement • Hi/Lo volume switch
Product details
Price: $21.78

Secret Sound Amplifier

The first fully re-chargeable personal sound amplifier that looks like a blue tooth earpiece!
Product details
Price: $49.78

Portable Listener and Sound Amplifier with Charger

This Portable Listener and Sound Amplifier increases sound while filtering out annoying background noise, making it easier to hear conversations. It's small and unobtrusive. Tone control filters out background noises. Ideal for individuals with slight hearing loss, professionals in business meetings as well as students who attend lectures.
Product details
Price: $79.99

300 FT Talking Portable Oven Thermometer

300 Foot Talking Portable Oven Thermometer

Need more time OUT of the kitchen or AWAY from the grill? Now you can just walk away, 330 feet away to be exact and still be informed when "dinner is done!". 5 languages, temperature range from 32F to 572F, 8 entree programs, 4 doneness choices, 2 verbal and 3 audio alerts, low battery indicator and MORE!
Product details
Price: $49.99

1000 Ft Wireless Intercom System

1000 Foot Expandable Indoor / Outdoor Intercom System

A wireless home or business intercom system that makes it easy to communicate between rooms without shouting or leaving the room. You can choose indoor, outdoor and/or doorbell 1-way communication or multiple monitor modes.
Product details
Price: $139.99

300 Foot Range Wireless Mail Receiver Announcer

The mail announcer will tell you when the mail is delivered. No more wondering if the mail is gone and no more wasted trips to the mailbox just to find it empty.
Product details
Price: $68.82


Open your door from your bed **. If you need to allow care takers or visitors access but not give them a key, this is for you. Maintain your security, independence and still allow visitors access. Three ways to lock and unlock, key, remote and keypad.
Product details
Price: $169.99