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 Home Automation Solutions

5 Piece Home Automation Starter Kit

Buy the Chime,

Get the entire Motion-Activated/Remote-Controlled System FREE

Attention Home Automation Fanatics, Business Owners and Homeowners!

Order an Audio Alert Chime and we have included a FREE Motion Sensor, Transceiver and Remote-Lighting Kit!

It's a complete 5-piece Home Automation System.

Simply mount the Motion Sensor inside or outside your front door.

 As soon as anyone approaches, it will trigger the Alert Chime, so you know you have company or someone is home. Plug in the chime in the basement, bedroom or wherever you want the alert.


There's more! It also comes with a Socket-Rocket Screw-In Lamp Module.

 Simply set this module to the same house code as the Alert Chime, and motion will also turn on the light so you get an audio and visual alert.

Plus, with the included Keychain Remote

, you can also control the light, remote chime or even an appliance plugged into the included Transceiver! Fans, lamps, electric decorations, radios - you name it!

The beauty of this simple kit is how easy it is to set up. It's all plug-n-play and can be set up in less than 10 minutes. Plus, it's all wireless!

Warranty: 1 year


Everything is included for a complete kit!
Motion-Activated Audio Chime alerts you of guests
Motion-Activated Safety/Security Lighting
Remote-Controlled Lighting at the click of a tiny remote
Control an appliance with the Transceiver Module
Easy 10-minute setup


What's included:

1 FREE SlimFire Pocket Remote
1 FREE Socket Rocket 
1 EagleEye Motion Sensor
1 Sensor Chime 
1 Small Wireless Transceiver 





7 Piece Automation Super Kit









"Now I have light switches in all the places I could never have them before!"

5-Minute, Movable Light Switch System - 3 Rooms for just $48.99!

Haven't you ever wished you could move a light switch somewhere else?


Ever wondered what the home builder was thinking when he wired a light switch behind a door?


What if you could just peel the wall switch off and move it anywhere you wanted? How about one on your nightstand or next to your easy chair. Wouldn't that be nice?


If you could set wall switches anywhere in your home without any wiring, would you do it?


Of course you would! It's totally convenient. And here's the thing...IT'S POSSIBLE!


In fact, you can get a Complete 3-Room Movable Wall Switch Starter Kit for ONLY $48.99!


Pop a wall switch outside a dark closet, hallway, bathroom or garage! What about on your refrigerator or sliding glass door?


You get 3 Movable Wall Switches and everything else you need for a COMPLETE system!


That means you get 2 Socket Rocket Screw-In Lamp Modules for easy control of lamps, overhead lights, wall sconces and even enclosed porch lights.


You get a dimmable Lamp Module, so you can dim the lights with any of your Movable Wall Switches!


You also get the required Transceiver, which receives the signals from your Wall Switches and delivers them to your lights/appliances.


You can even plug an additional lamp, radio, fan or other appliance into the Transceiver and control that too!


HERE'S THE COOLEST PART: You can set this all up in less than five minutes! Just plug-n-play. No wires, no drilling holes in the wall and no electricians required!


These switches adhere to nearly any surface - glass doors, headboards, walls, fridge doors, nightstands - anywhere you want! Or, don't stick them at all and use them as remotes from anywhere in the house!


Each switch can control up to 3 lights/appliances. Plus, they even have a fourth button that allows you to brighten or dim lamps to a comfortable level, even if they couldn't be dimmed before. Amazing!


Warranty: 1 year


  • Works with a simple Transceiver Module and remote.
  • Simple peel-n-stick mounting
  • No wiring! No electricians! No hassle!
  • Each switch controls three sets of lights or appliances, and even has a brighten/dim button
  • Ultra-thin design (Only 7 millimeters thick) - fits nearly anywhere!
  • 5-minute setup

 What's included:


List Price
2 Socket Rockets$39.98
1 Lamp Module$12.99
3 MOVABLE Slimline Switch Decorator White    $59.97
1 Small Wireless Transceiver $12.99
NOW ONLY: $48.99

ONLY $48.99
Complete 3-Room Movable Wall Switch Starter Kit



11 Piece Advanced Home Automation Kit

COMPLETE Home Automation in one easy kit!

You get everything
you need to control and dim lights and turn appliances on and off by remote from anywhere in your home! You even get motion-activated lighting and a remote that not only controls your lights/appliances, but your TV, cable, DVD player and any other home entertainment device!

The best part is, everything works together perfectly and can be set up

 in 10 minutes or less!

For starters, you get a Motion Sensor for motion-activated lights.


The instant it detects motion, the lights will come on. And when the motion ceases, they will turn off by themselves!

You get 2 Socket Rocket Screw-In Lamp Modules for control of overhead lights, lamps, etc.

You also get a 2 dimmable SoftStart Lamp Modules,

so you can control and dim your living room and reading lamps to the perfect level!

To control it all from anywhere in the house, we're including a NanoRemote,

which lets you control up to four lights/appliances and even has a dim/brighten button.

You also get a Slimline Wireless Wall Switch. Just peel-n-stick it

wherever you want control of three lights/appliances.

And for ultimate control, you get the PalmPad Remote, which allows you control up to 16 lights/applainces from  anywhere in the house!

As if that weren't enough, you also get a Heavy Duty Module

 for controlling larger appliances.

Plus, you get a 6-in-1 Universal Remote, which allows you to control your TV, cable box, DVD player and even lights/appliances.

And of course, you get the Transceiver to receive the signals and make it all work. This can also be used to control a lamp, radio, fan or other 2-pin appliance.

So order your 11 piece Advanced Home Automation Kit today while supplies last!

Warranty: 1 year
Everything you need is included for a complete system.
Control lights, appliances, TVs, cable boxes, DVD players and more.
Motion-activated lights turn lights on when you enter the room and off when you leave.
Dim the lights to the perfect level before watching a movie.
Totally expandable.
Easy 10-minute setupControl a lamp, radio, fan or other appliance plugged into Transceiver.

What's included:

1 -15 amp Heavy Duty Module
1 -PalmPad Remote
1 -Nano Remote
2 -Socket Rocket Lamp Sockets
2 -Lamp Modules
1 -EagleEye Motion Sensor
1 -Slimline Switch Decorator White
1 -Small Wireless Transceiver (controls it all) 
1 -6-in-1 Remote Control




Be Notified When Someone Enters Your Driveway!



Always know when someone is in your driveway!


Why Do You Need a Driveway Sensor?
We offer the Driveway Sensor System because we heard from customers that they needed a solution for a practical problem. They asked for a driveway monitoring solution capable of letting them know when someone arrives in their driveway, discretely. Unlike other systems, they asked for an expandable system. And most of all they wanted is to be simple. No digging ditches to run wires, no wall mounted boxes, no flashing lights.


You'll Know Your Have Visitors When the Chime Rings!

are Here
Help Arrives


The key to a simple system is easy installation.
Okay, the word installation makes it sound too complicated. How about describing the setup process as more like peel & stick. The Wireless Driveway Sensor (included in your kit) is easy to mount with weather resistant foam tape that sticks to almost anything. We've even included mounting holes if you want a more permanent placement.


Mount it Anywhere There's Traffic
There are probably a hundred places your could put the Wireless Driveway Sensor, but here are some of our recommendations:


  • Fencepost
  • Planter
  • Tree
  • Bush
  • Fence
  • Curb
  • Overhead in carport


You will want a Driveway Sensor System When You Know How Well It Works.

Sets Up In Minutes!

How It Works:

When a vehicle drives past the Wireless Driveway Sensor that you've mounted where it will see the movement, it sends a signal to the transceiver and lamp control module that is plugged into a wall outlet.


The garage is often an easy place to plug it in. Then, you place the Chime Module inside your home, in a location where you will hear it. Don't worry, its not too loud or too soft to hear. It's just right. 


    1. The Wireless Driveway Sensor sends the command to the receiver.
    2. The receiver re-transmits the command through your existing house wiring to the chime. It also turns on the lamp.
    3. Finally, the Chime will sound, letting you know someone has arrived.



The Wireless Driveway Sensor works anytime, day or night

    • Weather resistant case protects the sensor from the elements.
    • Easily disable the dawn/dusk feature so it will work 24 hours/day!
    • Adjustable time delay! You can set the delay from 1 minute to 255 minutes!
    • Locking screw prevents easy removal of batteries.
    • Built in photocell works like a watchful eye and will turn lights on and off at dusk and sunrise.
    • This will save you energy as it can be set to only detect motion in the dark.
    • Motion Sensing detection range blankets a 20ft area
    • Passive infrared technology (PIR)
    • Motion Sensor is 2.5 x 2.5 inches
    • Requires 2 AAA batteries (not included)


It's Expandable
Because it's made to X10's standards, the Driveway Sensors System if 100% compatible with our other home automation products.



    • Add additional motion sensors to your system to monitor other areas around your home.
    • Add additional lamp modules and remote control for even more control and convenience.


Only $29.93



Get all this INCLUDED with Your Driveway Sensor!

Remote Chime -  Included!

The Remote Chime is designed to work with the Motion Sensor.


When the motion sensor detects a car or person approaching, it triggers the Remote Chime to sound off, letting you know that someone's in the vicinity.



Wireless Transceiver - Included!

The wireless transceiver module is an integral part of your Driveway Sensor Kit system.


It takes radio frequency commands from wireless motions sensors and remote controls and converts them to signals carried over household wiring.


The TM751 allows you to control any household appliance or light that is connected through a lamp or appliance module to your household wiring.

EagleEye Motion Sensor - Included!

The EagleEye Motion Sensor sends wireless Radio Frequency (RF) signals to the Wireless Transceiver.


The Transceiver receives the signals from the Motion Sensor and passes them onto your house wiring to trigger the remote chime for instant notification.

ONLY $29.93





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