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 Home Security Solutions

America's #1

Wireless Security System!
When triggered, this Voice Dialer security system sounds a screaming siren, flashes lights and automatically phones up to four pre-set numbers to deliver a pre-recorded message, providing your home and family maximum protection.

Keep your family AND your money safe!
You want to keep your home and family safe. But, you shouldn't have to break the bank to do it! The great thing about this Wireless Home Security System is that once you buy it, you own it, with nothing more to buy! NO contract to sign, NO monthly fees and NO hidden costs! Just quality Home Security at a one-time affordable price!

Complete, no-hassle home security!
This is how most Home Security companies work: You pay for the Home Security System, you pay for the installation, you sign a contract (three years or more), and you pay a monthly service fee (starting around $30 per month). You pay, you pay, you pay . . . For all this paying and hassle, you get a call center agent who sits by the phone and waits for your alarm to sound. What if there’s never an alarm? What are you paying for?

This is how this amazing Wireless Home Security System works: You buy the system and install it yourself in 30 minutes. There are NO contracts, NO monthly fees, and nothing more to buy. You’ll save $1800 in the first five years alone (at the $30 per month the other companies charge)!

Eliminate the middle man with the Voice Dialer Console

This is the brain of your Home Security System. It communicates with all of the sensors and motion detectors to make sure your house stays locked down safe and tight. At the first sign of trouble, it sounds the blaring alarm, flashes your lamp connected to the Lamp Module, and automatically dials your contacts until someone answers.
Voice Dialer Console – This is the heart of your Home Security system! When your alarm is tripped, it sounds the 95 db alarm (as loud as a bulldozer!) and automatically dials up to four of your emergency contacts until someone answers. It’ll even call your own cell phone!

And here’s what those other Home Security Systems are missing - After your contact answers the phone, they push the number “0” on their phone’s number pad. Then, the Voice Dialer Console turns into a one-way intercom so your trusted contact can listen in on your home and determine for if it's a false alarm or a real emergency!

The Voice Dialer Console works with standard phone lines, VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), and even with cell phone docking stations which have standard phone line outputs! So, no matter what kind of phone line you have, this is the Home Security System for you!

Get six times the Door/Window Sensors of those other Home Security Systems

Door/Window Sensors do exactly what you’d think. When someone attempts to open your door or window, your sensor sends a message to the Voice Dialer Console to sound the alarm! Install one at every entrance to make sure your home is protected.

Here’s the really great thing – This awesome system comes with 6 Door/Window Sensors! What does this mean to you? You can protect 6 entrances to your home, straight out of the box. And, we’ve got systems for every size house! Plus, you can easily and inexpensively add up to 16 Door/Window Sensors to outfit your home!
Protect every inch of your house with 2 Security Motion Detectors

Nothing will ever get by this amazing Home Security System! With 2 Security Motion Detectors working for you, you’re house will be a virtual fortress!

When the Motion Detectors sense movement, they send a signal to the Voice Dialer Console to sound the alarm. If anyone walks by, you’ll know about it! Mount them anywhere you need them inside your house. And, rest assured knowing that this Home Security System is guarding your home!

This Home Security System has sound AND light alerts
Most other Home Security Systems only sound an alarm when they are triggered. Well, this system does that and more! It will also flash your lights with the included Lamp Module!

Just plug one of your lamps into the Lamp Module and you’re up and running. When your alarm sounds, your lights will flash. Your house will look ALIVE, so everyone in the neighborhood will know that there’s a problem. Plus, you can even use your Security Remote Controls to turn your lamp on and off by remote.

There are no confusing security codes to remember! Just use your handy Security Remote Control to arm and disarm your system.

And, you even get Security Keychain Remotes! That means you can arm your system on your way out or disarm your system on your way into the house. There’s no more setting down your groceries to key in some complicated code. Just push a button on your Keychain Remote from your car and walk into your house knowing that everything is safe and secure.

Plus, the Keychain Remotes even have a Panic Option! Sound your alarm with the push of a button at the first sign of danger. And, use your Keychain Remotes with the Lamp Module to turn on your lamp with the push of a button. You’ll never have to enter a dark house again!

The PowerHorn Siren is a great way to make sure the whole neighborhood knows when your alarm is tripped! With 110db of power (as loud as thunder), you can use it to add some extra volume to your Home Security System. That way, everyone is sure to hear your alarm sound and know that there is a problem!

Make your house scream "BURGLARS BEWARE" with the Security Yard Sign! They’ll think twice before stepping one foot on your property. The yard sign is one of the most visible ways to deter criminals from making your home an easy target!

With the Security Decals, they’ll think long and hard before they try to enter your home! The decals are a visible deterrent for anyone thinking about messing with your home! It’s like an unwelcome mat for intruders!

Here’s how it works:

Since there are no wires, you can install the whole system yourself in less than 30 minutes! Plug your Voice Dialer Console into a power outlet and a phone line. Place a Door/Window Sensor at each entrance and mount your Motion Detector where you need it most inside your home. Plug your lamp into the Lamp Module. Plug in the extra loud powerhorm. Then, activate all of your sensors and detectors with the touch of a button. That’s it! You can relax knowing your home is safe!
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