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ATS Equipment Protection Program

Now you can be covered.


You made a wise investment, now you can protect it with the

ATS Equipment Protection Program.



Assistive Technology Services offers this exclusive protection for our customers.



- Coverage Above The Original Factory Warranty

- Priority Care Customer Service

- Free Return Shipping

- Product Battery Replacement

- Accidental Breakage Coverage

- Surge and Lightning Damage Coverage


ATS Equipment Protection Program

Terms and Agreement



What is covered?

This Plan covers parts and labor costs to repair or replace your product in the event the product experiences a breakdown. If we determine that we cannot service your product as specified in this Plan, we may replace it with a similar like-new replacement product. Non-original manufacturer’s parts may be used for repair of the product if the manufacturer’s parts are unavailable or more costly.


- Coverage Above The Original Factory Warranty.


- Priority Care Customer Service. Your request will be prioritized #1 above all other warranty requests. You will receive a faster response and replacement.


- Free Return Shipping. You will receive an electronic Free shipping label to return any broken part that we deem should be returned to us.


- Product Battery Replacement. Free replacement of any battery that was supplied along with the purchase of the original product.


- Accidental Breakage Coverage. If you accidentally drop and break a part, we will replace it for free.


- Surge and Lightning Damage Coverage. If a power surge or a lightning hit damages your product we will replace it for free.



What is not covered?

This plan does not cover stolen items, water damage (unless product is waterproof) or intentional damage.


Will I receive a new product or a repaired product? Your product will be replaced with a Certified Like-New Replacement (a like product or one of comparable quality). If necessary, it will be totally replaced with a new product at the discretion of ATS.


Who pays for shipping?

U.S. customers; ATS will email you a prepaid shipping label to ship the product to our service center. ATS will also pay to have the refurbished or replaced product shipped back to you. ATS usually will ship by USPS Ground.


Who pays for shipping?

Customers outside the U.S.; Shipping costs to return the product will be paid for by the customer. Customer should include a check or arrange payment for $20 for the item to be returned to customer after service has been performed on the product.


How often can I file a claim?

You can file 1 claim in a 12-month period per covered product. Multiple claims in a 12 month period are covered at a 50% discount on shipping, labor and parts.


When does coverage start?

The Equipment Protection Program is only available when purchased within 30 days of product purchase date and paid for by automatic monthly payments. The first coverage payment must be made at 6 weeks from date of purchase.


Are my payments refundable?

Purchase price of this program is not refundable as the first payment is made 6 weeks after the item has been purchased.


If I exercise the 30 days return policy and return the product for a refund will my payment for the coverage be refunded?

No, the first payment does not start until 6 weeks after the purchase was made so there would be no payment to be refunded.


How long is the protection in effect?

The Equipment Protection Program is in effect as long as monthly coverage payments are made. If a payment is missed the coverage will stop on the due date of the payment.


If I stop coverage can I re-start coverage?

If coverage is stopped all missed payments must be 'caught up' for coverage to be restarted. For example, if your credit card expires and you miss 3 payments, you must pay the 3 missed payments before coverage can be started again.


How do I cancel my coverage payments?

Please contact us to cancel your automatic payments for coverage by email or phone.


If I have purchased multiple items do I need coverage on each one?

Yes. Each product will need a coverage program.


What is the price?

The price will vary depending on the equipment price. See the individual webpage for details or the price list below.


Help Dialer 700 $4.99/mo


Personal Assistance Voice Dialer $5.99/mo


SkyAngel911FD $6.99/mo


Touch N Talk II Pro $9.99/mo


FD1 Fall Detector $9.99/mo



How do I file a Claim?

Contact customer service at this link


How long before I receive a repaired or replaced product?

Once we are contacted by you and confirm your coverage we will email you a prepaid label to ship your product to our service center. Once it is received in our service center we will process the product and ship the repaired or replaced product within 3 days. The total time due to shipping may be up to two weeks.


Can I receive a replacement product without shipping the old product to the service center?

No, the old product must be received by the service center to process before a replacement can be sent.


PAYMENT NOTE:All Credit Card Payments Are Processed "Through" PayPal. This DOES NOT Mean That You Must Have A PayPal Account. You Will See A PayPal Screen But You DO NOT Have To Log Into PayPal UNLESS You Want To Pay With Paypal. If Paying With A Credit Card Simply Enter Your Credit Card Information.