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No Land Line Needed - SOS Security Medical Alert System

NO MONTHLY FEES - Personal Medical Alert System


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Brand New with 1 Year Factory Warranty 

30 Days To Try And Return If Not Satisfied

A total of 5 Waterproof Panic Buttons can be used with this system.


Waterproof Necklace Panic Button - Wall Mountable


Weight 1oz, 1.5 inches top to bottom

1.25 inches wide, 1/2 inch thick




Waterproof Wrist Panic Button - Wear In Shower


Specifications of button not wrist strap:

Weight 1oz, 1 7/8 inches top to bottom

1.5 inches wide, 5/8 inch thick



The NEW SOS Alert System has all the features you are looking for today.


-No landline Needed

-Calls For Help When Panic Button Is Pressed

-Remote Monitoring With App

-Setup with Smartphone App

-I'm Home and I'm Away Notification

-Pacemaker Safe - Waterproof (shower or bathe with it)

-100-150 Foot Range Between Panic Button and Base


No Landline ... No Problem

Works with Cellular Service


A SIM card and a cellular package is required for use with this system. You can purchase the SIM card now or wait until you receive your system and buy the SIM card at that time.


CLICK HERE to purchase required SIM card




Standard Retail Price $300.00

ON SALE NOW ........... ONLY $229.99 + shipping

(Works anywhere in the world there is Cellular Service)


Select Country


Additional Panic Buttons add extra safety.


- Mount an extra Necklace Panic Button on the Wall or in the Shower (It's waterproof)

- Place an extra panic button in the bathroom, on the night stand

- Multiple people in the house can carry a panic button

- Get a Wrist Panic Button for use in the garage or around the house

- Up to 16 panic buttons in any combination can be used on this system


Add Extra Waterproof Panic Buttons.

Only $29.99 + shipping


Select Button Type

What's Included:



Base Unit

AC Power Adapter

Waterproof Wrist Panic Button (battery included)

Waterproof Necklace Panic Button (battery included)

Instruction Manual

Free Downloadable Smartphone App

1 Year Factory Warranty

How Does The Emergency Alert Feature Work?


When a panic button is pressed the system will send a text message to the first number in the SMS Alert list

(if programmed), (up to 5 numbers can be sent a text)

then the system will call the first number in the Alarm Number list, if no answer, it will call the second number and so on. (up to 5 phone numbers can be called)


Know When They Are Leaving and Know When They Arrive Home.


The system also has a Home and an Away button. When the Away button is pressed the system can send a text that says 'I'm Leaving Now'. And then when the user arrives home they can press the Home button and the system can send a text that says 'I'm Home'. This feature saves time and helps keep you informed.


Great for the elderly and keeping up with kids.


Features List:

>  Hands free design

>  Large Buttons on the keyboard

>  Built in rechargeable emergency backup.Keeps the system running even when the power is out.

>  7x24 solution: take care of elderly get up,medical,SOS,fire,smoke,water,gas,sports,bedtime,etc.

>  Large LCD display. Makes it easy to see the time and status. current time, temperature, and alarm events;

>  Cellular Based (GSM/GPRS) wireless transmission. You are not tied to your home land line

>  Comes with 8 speed dial buttons that can be programmed for any number (Friends, Police, 911, etc)

>  User can manually dial any number from keyboard.

>  Make and receive calls from console (just like any normal speakerphone telephone)

>  Can send Home and Away text messages to notify others of condition



This system is expandable to a home automation and security system. Here are some of the optional features you can enjoy when you purchase some of the optional modules such as: motion detectors, fall detector, CO detector, smoke detector.:


>  Bedtime/'Did not get up on time' alarm;

>  Away/Back home time notice;

>  Android app and iOS App can display the bedtime and away/back home trends; this helps you keep of movements and living patterns

>  3-Timer for alerting to take medicine or other activities.



Technical Specifications:

GSM Frequency:   Quad-band 850/900/1800/1900 MHz

Wireless zones:  16

Wireless Frequency:   433.92 MHz

Wireless distance between panic buttons and base:       Max.150 feet

Siren Output :      12VDC/1A

DC Power supply :      9~24VDC/2A

Power consumption:  12V input Max. 50 mA/Average 25 mA

SIM Card:   Supporting 3V SIM Card

Antenna:     50 Ω SMA Antenna interface

Temperature range:   -20~+60 °C

Humidity range: Relative humidity 90%

Backup battery:  3.7V/900 mAH

Exterior base dimension:    9.6*6.5*2.6 inch

Net Weight :      (1.2 lb)

Total panic buttons: 16





Q. What if I have an emergency and cannot speak?

A. This system has the answer. When the system is activated it sends an emergency text message to the specified phone numbers letting them know you have an emergency along with making a phone call. By receiving a text first and then a phone call, your emergency contact knows the difference between a normal phone call and an emergency call.

Q. Who does the system call when a panic button is pressed?
A. The system will call and or text up to 5 of your most trusted family members and friends or 911. We also have 24/7 monitoring services available at a monthly fee if you need to ensure that someone will be there when you need help. The choice is yours who the system calls.  

Q. What happens if the alert is just a false alarm, do you charge a fee?
A. Absolutely not. There are no false alarm fees, ever!

Q. What if no one answers the phone when the system calls?
A. The system will call the next number in sequence. We recommend that you list 911 or other emergency service numbers as the last number on the list in the event none of the other numbers answer.

Q. Will I need to hire someone to install the system?
A. No. The system works right out of the box and you can set it up yourself very easily. We can even assist you over the telephone to program your unit remotely.

Q. Can I add more panic buttons to the system?
A. Yes. You can use a total of 5 panic buttons on this system


Q. Can I use this system in Canada, Australia or other countries?


A. Yes, this unit will work around the world. You may need to purchase a 110v AC to 220V DC power adapter locally if used outside the U.S. You will also need to purchase a SIM card locally if used outside of the U.S.


Q. Do I need a landline to us this?

A. No, this system does not use a landline. This system relies totally on cell phone towers to give you a phone line and make calls.


Q. Can I have this system dial special characters like a * or a pause if I need to for a special line?

A. Yes, Direct / Indirect memory can store 0,1,2,3......9 and * # and P (Pause).


Q. How long of a phone number can I dial? I need to call long distance with an access code.

A. You can dial a phone number up to 22 digits long.


Q. Can I wear the panic button in the shower?

A. Yes, the panic buttons are waterproof.


Q. Can I take a bath with the panic button?

A. Yes, you can take a bath with the panic buttons and submerge them under water.


Q. How long should the panic button battery last?

A. Since the battery is only used when the panic button is pressed the battery should last about 2 years.


Q. Can I activate the alert from the phone console instead of the panic button?

A. Yes, there is an SOS button on the phone base that works just like pressing the panic button. There are also 8 speed dial buttons on the phone base that be programmed to all any number (including 911) You are in total control.


Q. If my neighbor has the same system will they interfere with each other?

A. No. each panic button is specially coded and will not interfere with another panic button even if they are in the same room.


Q. How would I know if the panic button battery needs to be replaced?

A. There is a small red light on the panic button; it will flash if the battery needs to be replaced.


Q. What happens if the power goes out, can I still use this system to call for help?

A. The system is AC-powered with built in battery backup. Non-volatile memory. With the backup battery in place, even if the power goes out the system will not lose the programming and will still operate and call for help if activated.


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Customer Reviews:


Verified Customer Review 28790023

'This really makes it nice for mom since she didn't have a phone line she also gets a working phone and a medical alert. We are very happy' J. Sims, S.C.

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