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Mobility - Vision - Hearing - Security - Home Automation- Communicating
Emergency Medical Alert Systems

No Monthly Fees

Works with Regular Phone Lines/Cable Phone Lines/VOIP and

Cell Phones (optional bluetooth adapter required for cell phone use)

 ive fallen and i cant get up 911 button senior alert lifeline button life line alert senior lifeline emergency button

Medical Alert System with No Monthly Fees and Daily Welfare Check


Newest passive monitoring technology A medical alert system with a twice daily confirmation that ensures that someone is active each and every day. Plus they can press a button to call for help if they need it.
Product details
Price: $119.99

SkyAngel911 - Mobile Emergency 911 Dialer

Carry 911 with you at all times, without a cell phone contract or a monthly charge. No monthly charges. Press 1 button and call 911 from Any cell tower.
Product details
Price: $159.99



Touch N' Talk FD

Two-Way Voice Pendant Emergency Alert with Fall Detection

With 2 Way Speakerphone Pendant - up to a 900 Foot Range - No Monthly Fee Medical Alert System. Water resistant so you can wear it in the shower. Automatic Fall Detection, calls for help when you can't.
Product details
Price: $359.99




SkyAngel~Wave No Monthly Fees


Speak Directly to 911 - Mobile - Cellular

Cellular - Home and Away, No Monthly Fees, Automatic Fall Detection, Waterproof

Product details
Price: $169.99





Call and Talk to 911 from your wrist. One Button Press - No Monthly Fees or Subscription. Uses free cellular service so you can take it outside or use it inside.
Product details
Price: $159.99



service animal alert system

Service Animal Alert System

Your Service Animal Can Now Press A Big Button And Make An Emergency Call

You or your Service Animal can activate this alarm to get immediate help. This system will automatically dial in sequential order the emergency numbers you have programmed. You can program as few as 1 or up to 3 emergency numbers to call when the panic button is pressed.

Product details
Price: $169.99



wifi alert

Wi-Fi Smart Alert System

The Wi-Fi Smart Alert system is great for the person who has no phone line and needs a way to alert a loved one of an emergency in the home or away. This panic button will alert others by Smartphone and a Loud Alarm in the home.
Product details
Price: $79.99
personal assistance voice dialer

Personal Assistance Voice Dialer II - Amplified Medical Alert Phone with Waterproof Pendant

The Personal Assistance Voice Dialer II is most affordable and simple to use alert system available. Amplified Telephone, Emergency Dialer, Talking Caller ID, Loud Ringer with Flashing Light, Speaker Phone, Waterproof Necklace Emergency Pendant. Will Even Make An Emergency Call If the handset is off the hook.
Product details
Price: $99.99
help dialer 700 what is included

Help Dialer 700

Simple - Easy - Affordable Emergency Alert Help Dialer. Dials 3 numbers automatically at the touch of a button. 2 panic buttons included; Necklace Panic Button and Wrist Panic Button. No Monthly Fees, Charges or Contracts of any kind.

Price: $129.99

Amplified SOS Medical Alert Phone with Wireless Waterproof Wrist Pendant and Talking Caller ID

Emergency Alert-Talking Caller ID Phone with wireless water resistant wrist or necklace pendant you can shower with and 50dB of Amplification.

Plus a whole lot more ! 195 Foot Range

Product details
Price: $169.99


911 CHOICE Adapter

If your old 2 Way Voice Medical Alert Only Calls 911, we have a solution that will allow it to call a number Other than 911. NO MONTHLY CHARGES.

Product details
Price: $99.99



Emergency Phone - Hot Line Dialer

Just pick up the phone and it calls your pre-programmed emergency number. Works with Tone or Pulse phone lines. Great for those with Service animals. No dialing, just pick up the phone or knock it off the hook and it calls.
Product details
Price: $189.99



Over The DoorKnob Locking Key Holder

Over The DoorKnob Locking Key Holder. Great for Caregivers. You never have to give out keys again. Provide access to your home and keep your door locked. Allow Emergency Access in the event of a Medical Alert Call!
Product details
Price: $29.93

Cell Phone Adapter - Bluetooth Cellular Gateway

Turn your Cell Phone into a Home Phone.

NO Landline - NO Problem. If you have a cell phone with Bluetooth capability you also have a landline for your medical alert system or other uses. Many Uses: Connect a Medical Alert for emergency dialing with your cell phone. Answer incoming calls from your cell phone with a normal phone. Save money by not having a landline

Product details
Price: $89.99



24 Hour Professionally/Self Monitored

Emergency Medical Alert Systems


SkyAngelFriends - Mobile Cellular Communicator - Call 9 Friends and Optionally 911


Call your own 10 emergency contacts at the touch of a button. Receive incoming calls from anyone.


Product details
Price: $19.99/mo





24/7 Professionally Monitored Mobile Medical Alert with Automatic Fall Detection, Two-Way Voice Communication, GPS tracking, Geo-Fencing, Family Notifications and more.

Product details
Price: $39.99/mo


help dialer 247 monitoring medical alert

HelpDialer 24/7


Simple - Easy - Affordable 24/7 Emergency Alert Help Dialer. Dials automatically at the touch of a button. 2 panic buttons included; Necklace Panic Button and Wrist Panic Button.


Nothing to ever worry about! Free replacement parts forever. No batteries to charge or replace. Lifetime Warranty!

Price: $9.99/mo




Carry Your Medical Alert System with you Anywhere you go. You no longer have to be tied to your home phone line. GPS and Cellular technology provides access to your location and coverage if you are in need.

Price: $39.99/mo



Take your Emergency Alert System with you. GPS real time tracking watch with 2-way voice communication. Free fall detection and totally waterproof.


Product details
Price: $19.99/mo




'Always There 4U' 24/7 Professionally Monitored Medical Alert Service


What if your 'Friends' are not available but you don't need to call 911?

Your current alert system that calls 'Friends and Family' does a great job but there may be times that

your friends are not available; Vacations, Out of Town, at 2 o'clock in the morning.

Wouldn't it be great to know that someone will always be there if you do need assistance?

AlwaysThere4U™ can be there.


Product details
Price: $19.99/mo


These systems are known by many names and phrases, here are just a few:


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