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Service Animal Alert System

Your Service Animal Can Now Press A Big Button And Make An Emergency Call


service animal alert systemservice animal alert system

You or your Service Animal can activate this alarm to get immediate help.

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Brand New with 1 Year Factory Warranty 

30 Days To Try And Return If Not Satisfied

service animal alert system

Big yellow Service Animal Button.

Can also be used for someone who may have a hard time pressing a small button.




service animal wrist pendant.


Wrist Pendant for the user to wear when they are able to push a button on their own.


service animal alert system


The Service Animal big yellow button has a built in treat tray to aid in training.



- Wall Mountable (2 screws included).

- Capable of dialing a 16 digit telephone number.

- Big Buttons for programming (great for seeing the numbers during the easy setup).

- Battery Backup for up to 12 hours (Uses 4 AAA batteries - not included). You can still call out in the event of a power outage.

- In-Use Indicator (visually shows you that the system is operating).

- Low & No Battery Indicator (you will know when it is time to change the backup batteries).

- 2 Way Speakerphone for clear 2 way voice communication between the console and the receiver of the call.

- External power: DC 6V - 110v-220VAC input adapter (included)

- Panic Button frequency: 433.92 MHz (will not interfere with any other electronics or pacemaker).

- Panic Button range: 100 Feet from base (depending on environment).

- 2-Way Speakerphone range: several rooms away (depending on environment).

- Size: Wrist Panic Button- 1.5 inches long (top to bottom), 1.25 inches wide (side to side), 1/2 inch thick

- Size: Wrist Strap is 9 inches long.

- Weight: Panic Buttons weigh less than 1 oz. each with the battery installed (these are very light panic buttons).

- Power ON/OFF switch control (turn unit off when away from home or traveling, or to cancel an alert).



Service Animal Alert System with 2 Panic Buttons

- Instantly calls up to 3 phone numbers & plays your personalized emergency message.


- The best way to keep your independence and get HELP if needed. Just press the panic button and help is called.

- When a call is received the receiver can activate a 2-way voice communication through the built in speakerphone.


- 2 Panic Buttons included (one for you and one for the service animal)


- Water resistant Wrist Panic Button (you can shower and bathe with it).


- Never pay a monitoring fee! No monthly fees!


- No landline? No problem. Works with regular home phone lines/cable phone lines/Internet and

cell phones (optional Bluetooth Adapter required).




Why is this so special?


You or your Service Animal can activate this alarm to get immediate help.

This system will automatically dial in sequential order the emergency numbers you have

programmed. You can program as few as 1 or up to 3 emergency numbers to call when

the panic button is pressed.


The Service Animal Alert System plays a 6 second user recorded emergency message

over and over again while calling each number. This feature insures that the receiver of the

call will hear that message. When the receiving party answers the call and presses any key

on their phone, a 45 second speakerphone conversation will start. This 45 second talk time

can be extended for 1 minute as many times as needed for the conversation.

quality guaranteed 1 year warrenty

What's Included:


Help Dialer Console

AC Power Adapter

Telephone Cord

Big Yellow Service Animal Button (battery included)

Wrist Panic Button (battery included)

2 Screws for (optional) Wall Mounting

Instruction Manual

1 Year Factory Warranty

service animal alert system


ONLY $139.99 + shipping



Select Country


service animal alert service animal alert service animal alert

Order Accessories:


Animal Button (Includes Case, Panic Button, Lanyard and 3 Foam Springs)  

Animal Button (Case Only)


Extra Wrist panic Button
service dog alert
service animal alert
service animal alert


Select Country




Select Country





Select Country








Service Animal Alert System FAQ:


Q. Does the system call your company when help is needed?
A. No. The system will call up to 3 of your most trusted family members and friends or 911 and deliver a 6 second custom message. People you can trust should be the first

to know when something happens. 

Q. What happens if the alert is just a false alarm, do you charge a fee?
A. Absolutely not. There are no false alarm fees, ever! When the system calls, the receiver can listen in to what is going on to see if help is needed.

Q. What if no one answers the phone when the Service Animal Alert System calls?
A. The Service Animal Alert System will call each number up to 5 times or until someone presses a key on their phone. If they miss the first call, it will call

them again (up to 5 times) after it tries the other phone numbers or until someone responds.

Q. Will I need to hire someone to install the system?
A. No. The system works right out of the box and you can set it up yourself very easily.

Q. Can I add more panic buttons to the system?
A. No. This system will hold a total of 2 panic buttons.


Q. Can I use this system in Canada?

A. Yes, this unit will work in Canada.


Q. Can I use this system in Australia?

A. Yes, this unit will work in Australia. You will need to locally purchase a U.S. to Australia power adapter plug.


Q. Can I use this system around the world?

A. Yes, you can use this unit anywhere in the world. Some countries may require a power adapter for the voltage and/or a telephone jack adapter.


Q. Can I call a cell phone with this?

A. Yes, this unit will call any phone number that is programmed into it. Calling a cell phone is no different than calling any other number.


Q. What if I do not have a normal phone line, I have a phone line from the cable company?

A. No problem. This unit will work with most VOIP/Cable/Internet phone lines.


Q. Is it legal to call 911 with this system?

A. Yes, this system is legal in all U.S. states and territories. This system is not an auto dialer since you are present and are speaking to 911 through the speakerphone.


Q. What if I only have a cell phone, can I still use this to call for help?

A. Yes, there are adapters available. Your cell phone will need to have Bluetooth capability. Here is a link to purchase the Bluetooth Adapter.


Q. Can I wear the panic button in the shower?

A. The wrist panic button is water resistant and can be worn in the shower. The Big Yellow Button is not rated to be mounted in the shower.


Q. How long should the panic button battery last?

A. Since the battery is only used when the panic button is pressed the battery should last about 2 years (batteries are not covered under warranty)


Q. Can I activate the alert from the phone console instead of the panic button?

A. Yes, there is a panic button on the base that works just like pressing the panic button.


Q. If my neighbor has the same system will they interfere with each other?

A. No. each panic button is specially coded and will not interfere with another panic button even if they are in the same room.


Q. How would I know if the panic button battery needs to be replaced?

A. There is a small light on the panic button; it will flash red when the button is pressed if the battery needs to be replaced.


Q. What happens if the power goes out, can I still use this system to call for help?

A. The system is AC-powered with battery backup. With a good strong backup battery in place, even if the power goes out the system will not lose the

programming and will still operate and call for help if activated.

Customer Comments:



This is perfect for my dog. It is very sensitive so he does not have to head butt it. Just him licking at the food inside was enough to train him.




I looked at the options and figured this would be the best for our needs. It is well thought out and easy to install. Took 2 days of training and now my

golden has it down pat. WONDERFUL idea--congratulations to the inventor! LOVE IT!





Works as advertised. My one dog learned to use this after only two training sessions in a single afternoon. He insists on pushing by jumping at it and

hitting with a paw (he's too gentle with his nose, but that's his unique quirk). My other dog learned to use it on his own, just by watching the first dog

use it (decided to use his nose on his own).




This is an awesome product. My dog learned it in just one evening!





Great tool if you can get your dog trained to use it. Otherwise can be used as a easy push button for my mother when she needs help.


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