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Cell Phone Adapter - Bluetooth Cellular Gateway

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Factory New - 1 Year Warranty - 30 Day Return Period If Not Satisfied





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NO Landline - NO Problem


If you have a cell phone with Bluetooth capability you also have a landline for your medical alert system or other uses.



Many Uses:



Connect a Medical Alert for emergency dialing with your cell phone


Answer incoming calls from your cell phone with a normal phone


Save money by not having a landline





Cell Phone Adapter - Bluetooth Cellular Gateway

$89.99 + shipping

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Customer Comments:

"Thanks so much! Now I can save money by getting rid of my landline" - R. Sterns, NY N.Y.




"I love this. I can answer my cell phone from my old handset"

A. Baines, PA.




"Simple, easy setup - it was a breeze. Works seamlessly with the ATS Medical Alert System"

R. Hatanaka, HI"


  • -No more running around to answer your cell phone - use any home phone

  • -Cancel your landline and save money!

  • -Connects to TWO cell phones

  • -Enhanced Bluetooth Audio with full echo cancellation and noise reduction

  • -Supports all antique and modern telephones

  • -High power ringing - will ring all your house telephones including rotary antique telephones

  • -DTMF and pulse dialing supported

  • -Micro USB port for software updates


Turns your cell phone into a Landline. Exactly like you used to pay the phone company for, except now it doesn't cost anything extra!

Plug as many telephones as you want into the unit. They will all ring when there is an incoming call and you can answer the call using your home telephones.

Dail out using any regular telephones. When you pick up a home telephone you will hear dial tone and can dial normally and the call will be made using your cell phone.

Voice Dialing. Pick up any telephone and dial ## - this will activate Siri or Google Assistant and let you dial or give instructions from any telephone!

Support rotary / pulse dialing. Use antique telephones of all types.

Has the highest output ringing power. The unit will ring multiple antique telephones.

Voice dialing. Voice dialing is supported from antique telephones by dialing a hook flash to activate the cell phone voice commands.



The Cell Phone Adapter lets you make and receive cell phone calls on any phone in a home or small office. Using Bluetooth wireless technology, the adapter pairs to your cell phone. When your cell phone rings, all the phones plugged into the back of the adapter will also ring.

You can also make outgoing calls from any phone plugged into the adapter using the cell phone connection.

If you need a landline for your medical alert system, this is also the answer. Just plug your medical alert system into the phone jack in the back of the adapter, pair the adapter to your cell phone and you are ready to call.

Cut the Land Line, Keep the Convenience



  • Through the use of Bluetooth technology you can use your cell phone service plan from the comfort and convenience of your home phones.
  • No monthly or Annual Fee and No New Number is necessary. All calls are placed using your cell phone's plan.
  • Pair and function with up to two different cell phones
  • The Bluetooth Adapter uses active noise-canceling technology to improve voice clarity and eliminate unwanted noise from your cell phone calls. Energy certified. Portable design.



Q:   Can more than 1 cell phone be paired to the unit?
A:   YES, two cell phones can be paired at the same time.


Q:   Can this item be used with a cell phone?
A:   YES, absolutely, just like any other phone.


Q:   What is the range between the cell phone and the adapter?
A:   You should keep your cell phone within about 30 feet of the adapter.


Q:   Does the adapter and cell phone range effect the distance my alert system will cover.
A:   No, the distance between your panic button and your alert system is not effected by using adapter. If the range between your medical alert panic button is 600 feet it will still be 600 feet.


Q:   What if I don't have a land line?
A:   No problem!  If you have a blue-tooth capable cell phone, purchase a cellular gateway, pair your cell to the gateway, plug in your emergency alert system or telephone, program - - done

Verified Reviews:


Reviewed in the United States on August 29, 2021
This thing does what the description days it will do. Great for the elderly people who may not want to use a cell phone. Just pair it with a landline phone (no landline service or jack needed). You will need a cell phone for the service and Bluetooth. I use it with one of those picture phones with the numbers preset for my mom. She can make and receive calls. Before this we had to pay A T & T 100.00 a month. Now we pay 20.00 monthly to Consumer Cellular. Another great benefit is that she can take it with her when she spends time with my siblings in their cities and never missed calls from her friends. We didn’t even have to change her telephone number.


Reviewed in the United States on March 14, 2022
I purchased this so I could make calls from several vintage phone I own, and it works exactly as expected. Audio quality could be smidge better, but it was far superior to another lower-cost unit bought from Amazon and returned. I guess you get what you pay for.
Bottom line - it's a keeper. Stop dawdling and click on 'Add to Cart' now!



Nancy A.- Verified Puchase 5.0 out of stars:

Reviewed in the United States on September 14, 2023

I love this device!!! It uses your Bluetooth signal from your cellphone to revive the older push buttons and rotary telephones. Just plug its power cord into the wall, and the phone Jack either to the telephone itself, or an available wall phone Jack. Whether phone is installed in one of those jacks, it will work. No need to pay Ma Bell anymore*****

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