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Emergency Medical Alert System

With Telephone, Talking Caller ID And Wireless Pendant


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Factory New - 30 Day Return Period If Not Satisfied








The Emergency Medical Alert System that has it all.


Amplified Telephone, Emergency Dialer, Talking Caller ID, Loud Ringer, Speaker Phone, Wireless Necklace Emergency Pendant.


Press just one button to call for help when help is needed !







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Catalog #:ats4405dl

Customer Comments:

"This product had made my life so much easier"
J. Park, OK
"Thank you, thank you, thank you. Living alone and not being able to see very well, this has really made things nice for me. I want to tell everyone how great this is" K. Walker, FL




Click the Play Button (>) to see a video of the 
TALKING NUMBER ANNOUNCE  feature while dialing.

Click the Play Button (>) to see a video of the RECORDABLE NAME
announce feature of the TALKING CALLER ID during an incoming call.

For a System With a 600 Foot Range and Full Two-Way Voice Communication Through the Pendant CLICK HERE



This system has emergency help calling features along with a huge list of other features.


Emergency Help Features:


Calls friends, family, emergency phone numbers or even 911 in the event of an emergency when you press the Emergency Call Button on the pendant.


One button panic button system. The button is slightly recessed to help prevent accidental alerting.


Press and hold the button for about 4 seconds to activate the emergency calling.


You can even record your own personal message to be played to the receiver of the call letting them know that help is needed.


The Emergency Medical Alert Telephone will cycle once through up to 30 pre-programmed emergency telephone numbers during the dialing sequence. (We recommend that you put 911 at the end of the list if you want to ensure that an emergency call gets answered).


If you accidentally pressed the emergency call button and desire to cancel the dialing just press and hold the emergency call button again for about 6 seconds and the dialing is cancelled.


Priority Emergency Calling Feature - if the handset of this system is off hook the system will dial anyway to ensure that the call gets to an emergency number.

Telephone Features:

Ideal for the hearing impaired. This unit has a clearly audible ringer.


Can be used as a 2 way SPEAKERPHONE.

Would you like to know who is calling without leaving your chair? If you have Caller ID service, the TALKING CALLER ID will announce the phone number of the person calling you. It also has the capability of playing a recorded name or description of the caller like "Joe is calling".

With a very Large LCD display it is very easy to see the numbers you are calling (plus you will hear the number you just pressed).

The buttons can be set to SPEAK the number that was pressed. This is a great feature for those with low vision or blind.

With quality amplification the conversation is very easy to hear for those with some hearing loss or in noisy environments.

For those the need a visual ring indicator this system has a flashing light that flashes while the phone is ringing.

The handset also has and an adjustable volume and tone control so that you can adjust the incoming conversation.

Hearing Aid compatible.

Can you imagine the convenience of being able to answer your phone without ever getting up? When your phone rings you can press the button on the pendant and the phone will answer and automatically go into speakerphone mode, allowing you to talk through the speakerphone from about 20 feet away. When you are finished with your conversation just press the button again to hang up. The system is smart enough to know that you wanted to answer and hang up and not make an emergency call. Now that is a real convenience !


Two big emergency speed dial buttons are also available if you desire to program those buttons for dialing convenience. They can be used to call any numbers. A great feature for those with vision difficulty that would like to call 2 numbers by 'touch' and 'position' of the buttons without looking.

Handset Off-Hook Notification:
The system will beep loudly if the handset is left off hook for 30 minutes or more. What a great feature to remind the user to replace the handset back on the system.



Operating range is about 80-100 feet from the pendant to the base unit. (Your environment may effect range).

Dimensions Telephone: 7" W x 7" L x 2" H

Keypad buttons: ¾" H by ¾" W

Pendant: 1.5" W x 2.25" H

Pendant button: .75" W x 3/8" H

Warranty 90 Day Manufacturer's Warranty

Batteries/Electric Battery back-up using 4 "AAA" batteries (not included).

Connects to any normal residential phone line or VOIP/Cable Systems.

Wall or desk mountable.

The pendant is WATER RESISTANT, but not waterproof. (It can withstand splashes but should not be worn in the shower.)

Feature Details:

- All-in-one telephone
- Adjustable amplified handset
- Tone controls
- Big talking keypad buttons
- Speakerphone
- LCD display with large characters
- Talking caller ID
- Call waiting caller ID
- Talking phone book
- 64# Caller ID history
- 30# Name and phone directory
- Talking dual language caller ID list
- Hearing aid compatible
- Battery backup (requires 4 AAA batteries, not included)
- Voice guide
- Adjustable loud ringer
- Visual ringer alert
- Unanswered call alert
- Real time clock
- Features patented Emergency Help System: A press of the button automatically activates the speakerphone . . .
Calls up to 10 entered emergency numbers from the phone directory in sequence, sending to each called number the emergency message (pre-recorded or user recordable). Allows all called party(s) to speak/listen to caller.
- Includes 1 dual function wireless pendant to activate Emergency Help System up to 80-100 feet away. Can also can also be used to turn on speakerphone remotely and speak/listen to caller up to 20 feet away
- No monthly fees
- White

This system will not be fooled by answering machines!

How does it work?

When a pendant is pressed the system dials the first number that is programmed into it. The system then waits to 'hear' a zero (0) to be pressed on the other end of the line. This tells the system that a human answered the call. If the systems hears a 0 it will stop calling numbers and turn on the speakerphone. If the system does not hear a 0 pressed it will hang up and call the next number in sequence. We suggest that you have 911 programmed at the end of the call list to ensure that someone is contacted in the event of an emergency.

** If extra pendant is ordered please add 1 week to shipping time. Pendant must be coded at the factory.


Q. Does the system call your company when help is needed?
A. No. We didn't make this system to do something that you can do yourself. The system will call up to 4 of your most trusted family members and friends or 911 and deliver a pre-recorded message. People you can trust can be the first to know when something happens. Although, we offer monitoring if you feel that you need a little extra assistance.

Q. What happens if the alert is just a false alarm, do you charge a fee?
A. Absolutely not. There are no false alarm fees, ever! When the system calls the receiver can listen in to what is going on to see if help is needed or if the remote just got bumped.

Q. What if no one answers the phone when the system calls?
A. The system will continue to call over-and-over until someone answers it. If you miss the first call, it will call you again after it tries the other phone numbers until someone responds.

Q. Will I need to hire someone to install the system?
A. No. The system works right out of the box and you can set it up yourself very easily.

Note: This system WILL work with VOIP systems like Comcast digital voice, Vonage and Magic Jack.
Some cell phones may require you to set the dtmf tone length to 'long' so the call can be recognized by a cell phone.

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