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sky angel wrist


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Take Your Emergency Alert System With You




Call and Speak with 911 From Wherever You Go!


24/7 Anywhere - Anytime Protection


No Monthly Fees or Charges


Automatic Fall Detection


Waterproof (wear it in the shower)


2-Way Voice Communication



skyangel wrist 911skyangel911wrist



Great News! Take your alert system outside your home. You can now have the same safety, comfort and convenience of an emergency alert system outside of your home PLUS more, for No Monthly Fees ..... with SkyAngel911Wrist™.



skyangel afraidskyangel911watchskyangel chest pains

Now you can take your protection anywhere you go – take it to the lake, to town, have in your car, on vacation, shopping – anywhere you go!


This is the great advantage of SkyAngel911Wrist™


With Automatic Fall Detection it calls 911 even when you can't.



Free yourself from your home and keep the comfort knowing you have an Angel Watching over you! SkyAngel911Wrist™ is always with you.



A great Safety Device for kids too! It is not a smartphone,

so kids can take it into school.


skyangel911 wrist




“What makes SkyAngel911Wrist™ different?”


This premier mobile alert system provides freedom with security. With the touch of a button, you can talk with 911, anytime, from virtually anywhere. Other products like a traditional Personal Emergency Response System (PERS) only allow you to call for help within 150 to 600 feet away of a base station. Unlike a PERS, SkyAngel911Wrist works both indoors and outdoors to ensure you have peace of mind knowing that help is always available.


It comes with Automatic Fall Detection and it is Waterproof so you can wear it in the shower.


It's also Expandable to provide GPS location and tracking as well as ability to call other numbers in addition to 911 (click here for information on the expanded model).

Water Proof


The SkyAngel911Wrist is water proof which allows for exercising in the rain, showering as long as you like, washing hands but submerging for long periods (over 30 minutes) is not recommended.


SkyAngel911Wrist straps are made from an environment-friendly silicone material to give everyone a well-made, durable, soft and comfortable feel.


Long Battery Life


SkyAngel911Wrist has a long battery life and long

48-hour average standby time, therefore no more worries about charging your SkyAngel911Wrist all the time and keeping your SkyAngel911Wrist available all day long.

As a high-quality safety device, it comes with a 1-year guarantee which not only includes the battery but the device itself.

Therefore, choosing the SkyAngel911Wrist is your best choice to protect your kids and family.

Automatic Fall Detection


If you fall the SkyAngel911Wrist will automatically alert you with a loud beep sound. If you do not cancel the call it will automatically call 911 and turn on the two-way speakerphone so you can talk to 911 directly from the watch.






Make a 911 Call from the SkyAngel911Wrist with the press of ONE button.




Press 1 button – that’s it – and your SkyAngel911Wrist™ will call 911

and the 2-way speakerphone allows instant communication.


Simple as that!



Powerful Features:


* 1-Button call for assistance to 911

* Water Proof

* Automatic Fall Detection

* Easy charging with magnetic contact to back of unit

* Instant 2-way speakerphone communication with 911

* Can work for several days between charges, when fully charged

* No Monthly Fees, EVER!

* Freedom to leave your home and carry the 'Angel' with you

* One-year FULL WARRANTY on all equipment

* Expandable to provide GPS location and tracking as well as ability to call other numbers in addition to 911 (click here for information on the expanded model)





call 911 no feesInterested in a Keychain or Pocket Model? Click HERE!


BUY SkyAngel911Wrist™ NOW!







What's Included:


skyangel wrist 911



magnetic smartphone charger

Magnetic Charging Cable




AC Power Block for Charging Cable


Download Brochure and Order Form


Only $159.99 +shipping


Select Country



Everything you need is included. Includes SkyAngel911WristEmergency Alert, Magnetic Charging Cord, AC Power Block for Charging Cable and User Guide.

Add Optional Magnetic Charging Dock Only $30.00


How it's used. Just lay your watch on the dock and the magnets will position it for you to charge.


What's Included: Magnetic Charging Dock and USB Cable


Select Country


Add Another Magnetic Charger Only $30.00



How it's used. Just lay the magnetic charger on the back of the watch and the magnets will position it into place.


What's Included: Magnetic Charging Cable and USB Cable



Select Country


Questions and Answers?


How Long does the battery last?

A. Used under normal operating conditions, the watch will work for 2 days. For best performance we suggest you charge the watch daily.


How is the SkyAngel911Wrist charged?

A. Connect the supplied micro-usb magnetic charging cable to the back of the unit. We suggest the unit be charged daily to keep up the charge. You cannot overcharge the unit if you keep it on the charger.


What colors are available?

A. We currently have black. We will add other colors as they are in stock.


Will this work in Canada and other countries?

A. Yes, it will work in Canada and most other countries that accept 911 calls.


Does the SkyAngel911Wrist come with a warranty?

A. Yes. There is a 1-year warranty against any manufacturer’s defects. The warranty does not cover damage caused by improper use, damage to the display screen or if the unit has been opened or tampered with.


What is the size and weight of the SkyAngel911Wrist?

A. The SkyAngel911Wrist weighs 1.4 ounces and is 1.8 inches x 1.6 inches x .5 inches in size.


Can I cancel the 911 call?

A. Although we do recommend that you speak to 911 and tell them everything is OK, you can cancel the call by pressing the Phone

icon on the screen when it starts to dial.


What type of battery does the SkyAngel911Wrist use?

A. Rechargeable and removable 700 mAh battery (3.7V).


Is the SkyAngel911Wrist water proof?

A. The SkyAngel911Wrist is water proof and it can withstand splashing such as being out in the rain and washing hands.  Do not submerge under water for more than 30 minutes at any time. You can shower with it as long as you like.


How do I make a Standard SOS Call that will call 911?
A. Press the button on the right on the unit for 4 seconds.


"How do I know if SkyAngel911Wrist™ will work in my area?"

A. To call 911 the SkyAngel911Wrist will use any available 2g or 3g or 4g cell tower. We also suggest that you test your unit monthly.


Is the SkyAngel911Wrist upgradeable to call other phone numbers other than 911?

A. Yes, a SIM card (with a monthly service fee) can be added and the unit will become a fully programmable GPS tracker cell phone that can call other numbers and receive calls. See this link for expanded features


I see features listed such as Chat, Contact, Video Call, etc on the device. How do I use them?

A. There are other features that are listed on the device that are activated with a monthly subscription fee. Those features are not active on this device and require a SIM card and a phone number to function. See this link for expanded features





• 1.3' Colorful Touch IPS screen
• Solution chip: 9820E
• Network :4G+3G+2G
• SOS call
• Two way communication
• Weight: 1.4 ounces
• Magnetic Charging
• IP67 (immersion for 30 minutes)

• High precision ceramic antenna

• Blood Pressure monitoring (not medical grade)
• Heart rate monitoring (not medical grade)

• Size: 1.8 inches x 1.6 inches x .5 inches

• Battery 700mAh (factory replaceable)
• Operating time before recharging: 2 to 3 days



Stories and Reviews:


Jenness' Story:

Telling you some information about why I brought it. I’m 80 years old,and over the last few years I have had several falls,three times wound up in hospital with serious problems. My wife of 58 years developed Alzheimer’s,and for two years I tried to live with,it got so bad for safety,I had to place Her in an assisted living facility.We were living in a three floor townhouse,and I fell stumbled several times,in February I moved to a tiny house all one floor with no steps.I love the house, my wife is very well taken care of,and safe. For several years I was told to get a life alert necklace. I kept fighting it and had big problem with having it hang there and everyone feeling sorry for me.I held off until I look for something else, and I found your Skyangel it looked like just what I needed.


I have never brought anything for the money better then this wrist watch, it looks like a normal watch,and for me there was no monthly cost. Yesterday I was at a restaurant and there was three steps down,I nearly fell but with my cane I caught myself,when I got to my table I heard a noise and saw that it was blinking a fall detection ,by the time I shut it off it was all ready connected to 911. This to me was worth every penny,and gives me securely I never had before.


Respectfully Jenness D.