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Take Your Emergency Alert System With You




Wherever You Go!

24/7 Anywhere - Anytime Protection



Call Your Own Emergency Contacts

At The Touch Of A Button


Receive Incoming Calls


GPS Real-Time Tracking


Automatic Fall Detection


Waterproof (wear it in the shower)


2-Way Voice Communication



You Are In Control


Great News! Take your alert system outside your home. You can now have the same safety, comfort and convenience of an emergency alert system outside of your home PLUS more, for a better price ......

with SkyAngelWatch™.

Now you can take your protection anywhere you go – take it to the lake, to town, have in your car, on vacation, shopping – anywhere you go!


This is the great advantage of SkyAngelWatch™.

Free yourself from your home and keep the comfort knowing you have an Angel watching over you! SkyAngelWatch™ is always with you.



Similar systems are known by various names: gps locator, gps finder, gps alert, senior gps locator, locator for seniors, gps medical alert, mobile medical alert, medical alert with gps, cellular medical alert, gps medical alert systems, medical alert without phone line, no phone line medical alert. These phrases may all mean the same thing but ours is the best.


skyangel afraidskyangel chest painsskyangel need comfort



“What makes SkyAngelWatch™ different?”



*** FREE Automatic Fall Detection

*** FREE GEO Fencing

*** Anyone can call INTO your watch and talk to you (It has its own phone number, just like a cell phone)

*** Waterproof - wear it in the shower or bath tub



This premier mobile alert system provides freedom with security. With the touch of a button, you can talk with help, anytime, from virtually anywhere. Other products like a traditional Personal Emergency Response System (PERS) only allow you to call for help within 150 to 600 feet away of a base station. Unlike a PERS, SkyAngelWatch works both indoors and outdoors to ensure you have peace of mind knowing that help is always available. In addition, SkyAngelWatch has GPS enabling your contacts to locate you, even if you’re lost or can’t describe your location.





Water Proof


The SkyAngelWatch is water proof which allows for exercising in the rain, and washing hands, showering for up to 30 minutes.

SkyAngelWatch straps are made from an environment-friendly silicone material to give everyone a well made, durable, soft and comfortable GPS watch.

SkyAngelWatch Waterproof

Automatic Fall Detection


If you fall the SkyAngelWatch will automatically alert you with a loud beep sound. If you do not cancel the call it will automatically call your emergency contacts and turn on the two-way speakerphone so you can talk directly from the watch.

Long Battery Life


SkyAngelWatch has a 3 year battery life and long 96 hour average standby time, therefore no more worries about charging your watch all the time and keeping your family connected all day long.


As a high-quality GPS watch, it comes with a 1 year guarantee which not only includes the battery but the watch itself.


Therefore, choosing the SkyAngelWatch is your top priority to protect your kinds and family from missing or any harm in the world.





Call the Watch


Calling the watch allows a 2 way conversation to occur so you can pass on a message, advise them you are running late or simply check that they are ok.


Receive Calls

To answer the call the wearer will just tap the screen to accept the call.


Make Calls from the Watch


Using our new touch screen on the face of the SkyAngelWatch, simply swipe to choose the linked number you wish to call. There is also a Phone icon that will allow you to enter any phone number to call phone numbers that are not listed as contacts.


Shower with the Watch


Wear it while taking a shower so you are protected.



Track with your Smart phone

iOS and Android apps allow you to see where your loved one is by using your smart phone from anywhere you have mobile data. After logging in, locate the person, review reports and confirm alarms. You can also call your loved one at the touch of a button from within the app to let them know you’re running late to pick them up.


Free Android and iPhone App


gps watch



The GPS Shows the watches position.


The map gives you the opportunity to go and see where the watch is located. You can communicate directly with the watch, send audio messages or set up a geo fence.






gps watch




“Is it complicated to operate?”


NO! This unit has a one-button instant contact feature with a 2-way hands-free speakerphone also! Press 1 button – that’s it – and your SkyAngelWatch™ is activated and the 2-way speakerphone allows instant communication with your contacts. Simple as that!


skyangel need directionsskyangel receive calls

Powerful Features:


* One button press to call up to 3 emergency contacts. (Up to 6 can be called by utilizing your GoogleVoice account)

* Make and receive calls from up to 13 pre-set contacts (non emergency calls)

* 250 minutes of free talk time per month

* Water Proof

* Automatic Fall Detection

* Adustable Fall Detection sensitivity

* Volume Setting

* Screen Brightness Setting

* Step Counter

* Blood Pressure Monitor

* Heart Rate Counter

* Block incoming calls

* Do not Disturb Mode set up a schedule for when calls are allowed

* Instant 2-way speakerphone communication

* Loud Clear Speakerphone

* GPS tracking allowing Emergency help to know your location

* APP allows user to manage account, change phone numbers, change options

* APP instant GPS tracking with history

* Smart phone APP available to manage and GPS track

* Works for 3-4 days between charges, when fully charged

* Cancel anytime - NO commitments

* Freedom to leave your home and carry the 'Angel' with you.

* One year FULL WARRANTY on all equipment


gps watch
gps watch
gps watch
gps watch
gps watch

Two-Way Phone Calls

Make and receive calls from pre-set contacts


Allows activity in the rain, showering and washing hands

Alarm Clock

Shows current time and date

Safe Zones

Receive notifications on App when user enters or leaves geofences

Low Battery Alarm

When the watch battery is at 10% warnings will show on the watch and notification will be sent to the App

gps watch
gps watch
gps watch
gps watch
gps watch

SOS Alert Button

Will call your emergency contact when button is pressed for 4 seconds

History Routes

Can see where the watch has been on the Smartphone App

APP Tracking

Location tracking via APP

Do-Not-Disturb Mode

Set a schedule to prevent contacts to call during sleep hours, meetings or Dr. visits


Send and receive brief messages as reminders without making a phone call.




BUY SkyAngelWatch™ NOW!

(2) Plans For Your Convenience:


One-Time Payment of $179.98

No payments to worry about for a year.


Clicking and Subscribing means you agree to the Terms and Agreement of this purchase. View Terms & Agreement

You can cancel the service at any time if you are not satisfied. If you terminate your service within 30 days of purchase, your refund will be purchase price less activation an setup fee of $64.99.


One-time $169.99 equipment charge. Includes Shipping charges, Activation, Setup, SkyAngelWatch Emergency Alert, USB Charging Cord, Magnetic Charger and One Full Year Of Service. Includes 1,000 minutes of talk time per month. Minutes used over 1,000 minutes per month are billed at $.10 cents per minute. Only available in the U.S. Annual plan $179.98 per year.






Monthly Plan: Only $19.99 per month


Clicking and Subscribing means you agree to the Terms and Agreement of this purchase. View Terms & Agreement

You can cancel the service at any time if you are not satisfied. If you terminate your service within 30 days of purchase, your refund will be purchase price less activation an setup fee of $64.99. No long term contract. Cancel anytime.


One-time $169.99 equipment charge. Includes Shipping charges, Activation, Setup, SkyAngelWatchEmergency Alert, USB Charging Cord and Magnetic charger. Includes 1,000 minutes of talk time per month. Minutes used over 1,000 minutes per month are billed at $.10 cents per minute. Only available in the U.S. Monthly plan $19.99 per month.





What's Included:

SkyAngelWatch, User Manual, USB Charging Cord, Magnetic Charger Cord


SkyAngelWatchmagnetic smartphone charger


Other Options:

For a Watch With NO MONTHLY fees and calls 911 only CLICK HERE


Questions and Answers?


How Long does the battery last?

A. Used under normal operating conditions, the watch will work for 3-4 days. For best performance we suggest you charge the watch daily.


What colors are available?

A. We currently have black. We hope to have more colors in stock in the future.


Where can I download the SkyAngelWatch App for my phone?

A. The SkyAngelWatch App is available through the Apple Store and Google Play.


Can more than one person track or call the same SkyAngelWatch?

A. Yes. Simply share your app login information and anyone can see all the details.


Does the watch come with a warranty?

A. Yes. There is a 1 year warranty against any manufacturer’s defects. The warranty does not cover damage caused by improper use, damage to the display screen or if the watch has been tampered with.


Does the pedometer work like other fitness trackers?

A. When the watch is in motion, the watch tracks the steps taken. This is not reported to the app immediately if the watch is in motion. This was done in order to conserve the battery life. When the watch is not in motion, the watch will then report the steps collected to the app.


What is the size and weight of the Watch?

A. The watch weighs 1.5 ounces and the face is 1 3/4 inches top to bottom by 1 1/8 inches wide by 1/2 inch thick in size.


What type of battery does the watch use?

A. Rechargeable and removable 700 mAh battery (3.7V).


Is the watch water proof?

A. The watch is waterproof and it can withstand splashing such as being out in the rain and washing hands. You can wear it while in the shower for up to 30 minutes. After showering allow the watch to dry for 8 hours before showering with it again.


How many Geo Fences can you set up on the watch?

A. You can set up to 10 different geofencing areas.


How do I make a Standard SOS Call that will NOT call my emergency contact?
A. Swipe to the left and there is a PHONE icon where you can enter any phone number to make a call..



"How do I know if SkyAngelWatch™ will work in my area?"

A. SkyAngelWatch uses T-Mobile cellular network to call friends. Click HERE to review the T-Mobile coverage map (link opens in new window). To call 911 SkyAngelWatch will use any available cell tower.




• 1.3' Colorful Touch IPS screen
• Solution chip: 9820E
• Network :2G+3G+4G
• SOS call
• Two way communication
• Weight: 1.5 ounces
• Magnetic Charging
• IP67 (immersion for 30 minutes)

• High precision ceramic antenna
• Pedometer

• Video Chat

• Cardiac frequency

• HD Camera
• Heart rate monitoring

• Size: 1 3/4 inches x 1 1/8 inches x .5 inches

• Battery 500mAh (factory replaceable)
• Operating time before recharging: 3 to 4 days




Stories and Reviews:


Jenness' Story:


Telling you some information about why I brought it. I’m 80 years old,and over the last few years I have had several falls,three times wound up in hospital with serious problems. My wife of 58 years developed Alzheimer’s,and for two years I tried to live with,it got so bad for safety,I had to place Her in an assisted living facility.We were living in a three floor townhouse,and I fell stumbled several times,in February I moved to a tiny house all one floor with no steps.I love the house, my wife is very well taken care of,and safe. For several years I was told to get a life alert necklace. I kept fighting it and had big problem with having it hang there and everyone feeling sorry for me.I held off until I look for something else, and I found your Skyangel it looked like just what I needed.


I have never brought anything for the money better then this wrist watch, it looks like a normal watch,and for me there was no monthly cost. Yesterday I was at a restaurant and there was three steps down,I nearly fell but with my cane I caught myself,when I got to my table I heard a noise and saw that it was blinking a fall decathlon ,by the time I shut it off it was all ready connected to 911. This to me was worth every penny,and gives me securely I never had before.


Respectfully Jenness D.



Dr. Garner's Story:


I am voluntarily writing this very strong recommendation for the SKYANGELWATCH technology as a now retired Pediatrician with 60 professional years focused on child and adolescent healthcare, particularly their “safety.” Now its my turn, at 82 years old, to have a common safety need… a reliable sense of security…which is provided by the SkyAngelWatch device. Though not at all disabled at this time, I appreciate the risk I am at……an unanticipated time sensitive life threatening emergency of many types that will eventually occur. The peace of mind it gives me, my wife and my 19 immediate family members is invaluable. Knowing family will automatically get a message of my need for emergency help and my location allows me both to be alone and to carry out all the activities of my life, including local and distant travel with much less anxiety is a gift.
Thank you Assistive Technology Services, Inc for your commitment to those of us with risk and with special needs.
Fredric Garner, M.D., F.A.A.P.




Vincent E Marini's Story:


Living alone is a challenge, the SkyAngelWatch helps me face the day by making me feel safe. If I fall or have a serious illness I can contact help anywhere just by pressing the button on the side of the Watch. I tried the locket you wear around your neck from another company and returned it. It felt like a heavy rock hanging around my neck. The SkyAngelWatch is comfortable and waterproof. It is my choice for getting urgent care, if needed. It also provides my children with a comfort zone knowing I am wearing it at all times. I would buy this Watch even if I were not living alone.


Vincent E Marini Sr. Boynton Beach, Florida (U.S. Retired Veteran)