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Personal Assistance Voice Dialer II (New and Improved Model)

NO MONTHLY FEES - Personal Medical Alert System




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Personal Assistance Voice Dialer II


Brand New with 1 Year Factory Warranty 

30 Days To Try And Return If Not Satisfied

wrist panic button

A total of 5 Waterproof Panic Buttons can be used with this system.



Additional Panic Buttons add extra safety.


- Mount an extra Panic Button on the Wall or in the Shower (It's waterproof)

- Place an extra panic button in the bathroom, on the night stand

- Multiple people in the house can carry a panic button

- Get a Wrist Panic Button for use in the garage or around the house

- Up to 5 panic buttons in any combination can be used

New! - Two More Powerful Features In This System.


Remote 911 Feature
Upon receiving an emergency call from the system, the receiver of the call can press 911 on their telephone keypad. Upon hearing 911 pressed by the receiver of the call, the system will hang-up the active call and dial 911(or the specified emergency number stored in the 911 key).
The system will not call any of the other stored emergency numbers once this feature is activated. The system does not require ‘0’ to be pressed to acknowledge the call in this mode.


911 Direct Feature
The user can ‘press and hold’ the panic button for 5 seconds. The user will hear the telephone beep and then begin to dial the number stored in the 911 button (normally 911).
This will bypass the dialing of the normal emergency contact numbers and directly dial the emergency number stored in the 911 key.
The system will not call any of the other stored emergency numbers once this feature is activated. The system does not require ‘0’ to be pressed to acknowledge the call in this mode.


(911 is programmed at the factory into the 911 key, but any number can be stored in the 911 key). See user manual on how to store numbers other than 911 into the 911 key.


The NEW Personal Assistance Voice Dialer II
The easiest way to keep your independence!
Just Press the panic button and help is on the way!
Instantly calls up to 30 people & plays your personalized emergency message

When a call is received press 0 and open the full 2-way communication through the built in speakerphone from several rooms away


- Pacemaker Safe - Waterproof (shower or bathe with it)

- Amplified Volume up to 40dB - Amplified Ringer up to 90dB

- 100-150 Foot Range


Never pay a monitoring fee! No Monthly Fees!


No Landline ... No Problem

Works with Regular Phone Lines/Cable Phone Lines/VOIP

and Cell Phones (Optional Bluetooth Adapter Required)


Regular Price $129.99

ON SALE NOW ........... ONLY $99.99 + shipping (U.S. Orders)

Select Shipping Options



Only $109.99 + shipping (Canada Orders)

Select Shipping Options



Add Extra Waterproof Panic Buttons. Only $24.00 + shipping


Select Shipping Option




Wrist Panic Button





Monthly Payment Plan - Only $39.99 a month for 3 months

(U.S. Orders Only)

Enter Your Phone Number Then Click BUY NOW

Click 'SUBSCRIBE' to order Equipment Protection Program for only $5.99 per month


The Equipment Protection Program covers a total replacement of the equipment for the life of the program.

We will replace the defective part and ship a replacement to you at no charge.

If necessary, we will replace the entire system and send a totally new unit with free shipping.


(By Clicking SUBSCRIBE you agree to all the Terms and Agreements of the program)


Click 'SUBSCRIBE' to order Equipment Protection Program for only $5.99 per month




(See complete details on the Equipment Protection Program CLICK HERE - opens in new window)

What's Included:

 Personal Assistance Voice Dialer II


Telephone with Handset, AC Power Adapter, Telephone Cord,

Waterproof Necklace Panic Button (battery included), Instruction Manual,

1 Year Factory Warranty.

Features List:

Emergency Features: (Click To Download Complete User Manual)

- Activate a local alarm for 15 seconds to get immediate help within the house. This feature also alerts you that you have activated the system. If you accidentally activated the system, just press the panic button again to de-activate it.

- The system will automatically dial in sequential order the emergency numbers you have specified (up to 30 numbers). You can select as few as 1 emergency number or up to 30 to call when the panic button is pressed.

- Plays a 20 second user recorded emergency message over and over again while calling each number. This ensures that the receiver of the call will hear the message regardless of when they answer.

- If the other party receives the call and presses '0', a 2 minute speakerphone conversation starts. This 2 minute talk time can be extended for 2 minutes over and over again as long as you want to talk.

- The receiving party of the call can press 1 then 9 to immediately end the conversation and your phone line will be instantly available for an incoming call.

- Panic button remote feature. Pressing the panic button will activate the alert even if the handset if off the hook.

- Waterproof panic button. You can shower or take a bath with the panic button.


Telephone and Caller ID Features:


- FSK/DTMF Emergency Talking Caller ID Speakerphone. The system speaks the phone number when a call comes in.

- Languages Selectable: English/French/German/Spanish/Italian/Dutch/Swedish/Finnish/Danish/Polish/Portuguese.

- Voice Reporting: English/French/German/Spanish/Italian/Dutch.

- Up to 64 Message Memories

- Wall Mountable

- Capable of dialing a 22 Digit Telephone Number. (Long distance and special calling codes are easily stored).

- 16 Digits of Name Display

- Big Buttons for Dialing. (Great for seeing the numbers so you won't misdial)

- Talking Buttons - (The system speaks the numbers as you press the buttons)

- Built-in Phonebook with up to 30 Memories

- Real Time Clock Display

- 3 One-Touch Dialing Buttons on Base Console (SOS, M1 and 911)

- 5 Levels of LCD Contrast Adjustment. (Adjust the contrast of the screen for better viewing)

- Flash Time: 100/300/600ms Selectable

- Tone/Pulse Selectable

- Battery Backup for up to 12 hours (You can still call out in the event of a power outage)

- In-Use Indicator

- Low & No Battery Indicator (4 x AA Alkaline batteries - not included) (You will know when it is time to change the backup battery)

- Ringer Volume Control. (Adjust the volume to the level that best fits your needs up to 90dB. You can even turn it off)

- Ringer Light - (Flashing light lets you see that the phone is ringing)

- Handset Volume Control (Adjust the volume up or down)

- Speakerphone Volume Control (Slide control to set the speakerphone volume at just the right level, up to 40dB)

- LCD Back Light (Allows you to see the screen even in total darkness)

- External power: DC 9V 300mA adapter (Included)

- Panic Button frequency: 433.92 MHz (Will not interfere with any other electronics or pacemaker)

- Panic Button range: 100-150 Feet from base (depending on environment)

- Panic Button battery: 23A 12V Alkaline battery (Included)

- PRO (program) ON/OFF switch control (Protects unit from being reprogrammed accidentally)

- Answer incoming calls through the speakerphone by pressing the panic button (You don't even have to get up to answer the phone)

What if you have a stroke and cannot speak?

This system has the answer. You record a message into the unit. When the system is activated it then plays the recorded message to the person receiving the call letting them know you have an emergency. It speaks for you!

-Speakerphone- the called party presses 0 to talk and hear the caller using the built in speakerphone.
-100-150 Foot range between panic button and unit.
- Continuous Contact. The system will continue dialing until the person receiving the call enters 0. Answering machines will not fool it.
- Simply plug it in. Program the numbers you want it to dial, place the pendant around the loved one, run a test - then you're all set to go! In an emergency, your loved one will simply need to press one button on the panic button.
- Sounds local alert for 15 seconds & calls the telephone numbers you select (i.e. neighbor, friend and relatives or optionally 911)


Personal Assistance Voice Dialer II FAQ:

Q. Does the system call your company when help is needed?
A. No. We didn't make this system to do something that you can do yourself. The system will call up to 30 of your most trusted family members and friends or 911 and deliver a 20 second pre-recorded message. People you can trust should be the first to know when something happens. 

Q. What happens if the alert is just a false alarm, do you charge a fee?
A. Absolutely not. There are no false alarm fees, ever! When the system calls the receiver can listen in to what is going on to see if help is needed or if the remote just got bumped.

Q. What if no one answers the phone when the Personal Assistance Voice Dialer II calls?
A. The Personal Assistance Voice Dialer II will continue to call over-and-over until someone answers it. If you miss the first call, it will call you again after it tries the other phone numbers until someone responds.

Q. Will I need to hire someone to install the system?
A. No. The system works right out of the box and you can set it up yourself very easily.

Q. Can I add more panic buttons to the system?
A. Yes. You can use a total of 5 panic buttons on this system


Q. Can I use this system in Canada?

A. Yes, this unit will work in Canada.


Q. Can I use this system in Australia?

A. Yes, this unit will work in Australia. You will need to purchase a 110v AC to 220V DC power adapter locally.


Q. Can I use this system around the world?

A. Yes, you can use this unit anywhere in the world. Some countries may require a power adapter for the voltage and/or a telephone jack adapter.


Q. Can I call a cell phone with this?

A. Yes, this unit will call any phone number that is programmed into it, calling a cell phone is no different than calling any other number.

Some cell phones may require setting the DTMF tone length option on the cell phone to 'long' to accept the call.


Q. What if I do not have a normal phone line, I have a phone line from the cable company?

A. No Problem. This unit will work with any phone line such as Verizon, Comcast, Ooma, Vonage, MagicJack, etc.


Q. Can I have this system dial special characters like a * or a pause if I need to for a special line?

A. Yes, Direct / Indirect memory can store 0,1,2,3......9 and * # and P (Pause).


Q. How long of a phone number can I dial? I need to call long distance with an access code.

A. You can dial a phone number up to 22 digits long.


Q. What if I only have a cell phone, can I still use this to call for help?

A. Yes, there are adapters available. Your cell phone will need to have Bluetooth capability. Here is a link to purchase the Bluetooth adapter.


Q. Can I wear the panic button in the shower?

A. Yes, the panic button is waterproof.


Q. Can I take a bath with the panic button?

A. Yes, you can take a bath with the panic button and submerge it under water.


Q. How long should the panic button battery last?

A. Since the battery is only used when the panic button is pressed the battery should last about 2 years.


Q. Can I activate the alert from the phone console instead of the panic button?

A. Yes, there is an SOS button on the phone base that works just like pressing the panic button. There is also a 911 button on the phone base that will call 911 directly (this button can be deactivated or changed to a number other than 911).


Q. If my neighbor has the same system will they interfere with each other?

A. No. each panic button is specially coded and will not interfere with another panic button even if they are in the same room.


Q. How would I know if the panic button battery needs to be replaced?

A. There is a small red light on the panic button; it will flash if the battery needs to be replaced.


Q. What happens if I forget and leave the handset off the hook?

A. You can still press the panic button and call for help and you can still receive incoming calls.


Q. What happens if the power goes out, can I still use this system to call for help?

A. The system is AC-powered with battery backup. Non-volatile memory. With the backup battery in place, even if the power goes out the system will not lose the programming and will still operate and call for help if activated.


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This system will not be fooled by answering machines!

How does it work?

When the panic button is pressed the system dials the first number that is programmed into it. The system then waits to 'hear' a zero 0 to be pressed on the other end of the line. This tells the system that a human answered the call. If the systems hears a 0 it will stop calling numbers and turn on the speakerphone. If the system does not hear a 0 pressed it will hang up and call the next number in sequence. We suggest that you have 911 programmed at the end of the call list to ensure that someone is contacted in the event of an emergency.

Note: This system WILL work with VOIP systems like AT&T, Comcast digital voice, Verizon, Vonage. Magic Jack, etc.

More Customer Comments:
"Thank you, and may God bless. Technology awes me and I, too, hate to see people who need this helpful monitor to live safely at home alone. I'm certain I will be ordering another one very soon for my aunt. Later I may be able to donate a monitor to someone else as I am with my family members. Being a caregiver has it's blessings....just as what you sell blesses so many. B. Davis"


My aunt in Illinois likes your product because she does not have to call a monitoring center - just to get help from several nearby relatives - AND - it is very affordable for her. Thank You ! Steve

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Comparison Chart - New Model compared to Old Model (Major Features)


New Model

Old Model

Dials up to 30 emergency numbers
Would only dial 4 emergency numbers
2-Way Voice communication through the highly sensitive speaker phone console
Had 1 way voice communication only
Works with cable, VOIP and Internet phone lines
Sometimes would not recognize pressing '0' with cable phone lines
Allows you to extend the talk time at 2 minute intervals
Had single function communication
Allows you to talk with the person having the emergency and then the system can optionally call the next number
Once you acknowledged receipt of the call the dialing would end. System would not continue to call another number
Panic button has only 1 button to press. No chance of pressing the wrong button.
Panic button had 2 buttons (call and stop) the potential of pressing the wrong button was possible.
When your phone rings pressing the panic button will answer the phone and turn on the speakerphone for handsfree communication.
This system did not have any telephone features.



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